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Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle Black

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Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle Black product description

Reins sold seperately. High quality leather rubber grip reins with nylon inserts for increased strength and flexibility. Hook stud billets.

Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle Black reviews

   216 reviews
96% would buy this product again.
  • Fits well with the horse head (69)
  • Nice and flexible leather (57)
  • Anatomically shaped (75)
  • Fast delivery (62)
  • Good price (51)
  • No braces (34)
  • No description in dutch, from the supplied booklet (21)
  • Pricey bridle (19)
  • Other browband (16)
  • Learning is not very smooth (10)

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from Lelystad at :

really makes a difference

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: fast delivery, anatomically shaped, fully adjustable, fits well with the horse head, Nice and easy headstel, Horse is prudent to drive and easier to steer

Cons: it's a simple black bridle, so that doesn't look very luxurious, but it works

young horse has a lot of restlessness with a normal bridle and with head-striking now the micklem total relaxation is noticeable immediately from the 1st day!

from Wilbertoord at :


Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: remains beautiful, low maintenance, pleasant and easy bridle, anatomically shaped, nice and flexible leather, fits well with the horse head

Cons: boring browband, no braces

Very good bridle. Have it now for more than a year and is still beautiful. Leather stretches something with use. Fine bridle in use.

from Köln at :

Very good product

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: fine and supple leather, goes well with the horse's head, fast delivery, Good price, anatomically shaped

After some consideration, I ordered the Micklem because it was available at a great price. I am absolutely not disappointed!

from Griesheim at :

Fits my frieze super

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: goes well with the horse's head, fast delivery, everything super, uncomplicated, Packed clean, Good price, Everything went super fast, Good buckling, Good adaptation, anatomically shaped, fine and supple leather, good quality

The bridle has a great quality and also fits my großschädeligem friezes perfectly! My horse runs much happier with this bridle than with a Swedish combined bridle.

from Hesel at :

Great bridle

Yes, I recommend this product
Super, supple leather. Good workmanship. Attached description is also understandable for customization, just a pity that no reins are included in the "package".
Question and Answer

Silvia op 30-08-2019:

Question: I have a horse 174 cm. What size would you recommend?

Answer: Full is on average suitable for a stick size from 148 cm to 172 cm and XFull: suitable for a stick size from 168 cm. If your horse has a medium-sized head for its height, then it should be able to fit full, if your horse has a somewhat larger head than average, size Xfull will fit better than expected.

Regina op 11-07-2019:

Question: Can this be driven without a birloos (sidepull)?

Answer: You can't use the competition variant bitless, but you can use the Micklem multi bitless. The latter has a reinforcement incorporated in the noseband. The competition does not have this reinforcement so that it looks more elegant.

Anthea Hartmann op 14-04-2019:

Question: Hello, I have an Icelandic horse. Do you need size Cob or pony?

Answer: Information from the manufacturer: Pony: suitable for a stick size below 138 cm Cob: suitable for a stick size of 138cm to 158cm Full: suitable for a stick size of 148cm to 172cm XFull: suitable for a stick size from 168cm

Braesch op 03-03-2019:

Question: Hello, can you guide me in the sizes for a 165cm mare please cordially.

Answer: For a mare 165 cm (height of withers) and most cases, the size FULL is recommended. cordially

Renate op 05-09-2018:

Question: Which size for a Haflinger of 1.50? Doubt about cob or full

Answer: Most people who have doubts between 2 sizes come out with the largest size in this bridle. You could also order and compare both. The person who does not fit can return you free of charge via our return service.

Maaike op 10-05-2018:

Question: Can you also drive with this bitlessly?

Answer: With this competition bridle you can not drive bitless. With the Micklem multi bridle you can, see: https://www.agradi.nl/rambo-micklem-multi-bridle-zwart.htm

Verena Deimel op 04-03-2018:

Question: I have an Icelander with a big head. What size would you recommend? What do the dimensions mean? LG

Answer: The sizes refer to Pony, Thoroughbred (Cob), Warmblood (Full) and Heavyblood (XFull) For an Icelander, Size Cob is generally appropriate.

Julia Gruenienger-Endres op 02-12-2017:

Question: Are there any full length specifications for the Rambo Micklem Competition, eg for browband or the shorter lengths? Is it true that the lengths differ in the Competiton and the multibridle?

Answer: The lengths at Original Competition Bridle and Multibridlesollten should not differ according to the manufacturer. However, the Multibridle can also be used as a bitless riding bridle with 3 different levels Mild, Medium and Strong. Pony 13.2 HH and less - Under 137.16cm Cob 13.2 HH to 15.2 HH - 137.16cm to 154.94cm Full 14.2HH to 16.3HH- 147.32cm to 170.18cm X Full 16.2 HH and more - about 167.64cm

brandes op 19-09-2017:

Question: Hello, which accessories are included in the Micklem Trensen? mfg S.Brandes

Answer: Both teethbelt and clips are included.

Steffi op 18-09-2017:

Question: Are there plastic or leather bitclips with this bridle? And do you need it?

Answer: The bitclips are included as standard. They are plastic.

Barbara op 05-09-2017:

Question: Are the Micklem Competition both (black and brown) with silver fittings?

Answer: The Competiton Bridle has silver fittings in brown and black. The Multibridle has golden fittings

M. Calkoen op 03-11-2016:

Question: Does the Micklem competition include the bitstraps and that extra sidepull little chin? Our Micklem bridle is unfortunately stolen during lending via our loan service. We had the Full with everything, including the band for cross under bitless.

Answer: With the Multi you can drive bitless, with the Competition not.

Christine op 26-06-2016:

Question: Can I change the hoofset if it does not fit? My horse (1.65) now has a cob bridle, but wants to order the full. Are those plastic bit-clips also included?

Answer: If the bridle does not fit, you can return it within 14 days, unused and in original packaging. You can then order another size. The bridle is delivered including the plastic bit clips.

Aniek Lambi op 08-04-2016:

Question: hello, on other sites where I found this competition model that it is only suitable for driving with bit. Does that also apply to this or can I also drive without it? I do not actually see the difference why or not.

Answer: With the Multi bridle you can drive bitless. With the Competition you can only drive with bit, you can not use it bitlessly.

Liz op 28-03-2016:

Question: can you explain the difference between mulatto clamp bridle black and the Competition? I would like the bridle what is best written for shirt hooks. Bitless driving does not necessarily have to be for me. Thank you very much, Lisette Draijer

Answer: With the Multi bridle you can also drive bitless and lunge through the ring on top of the noseband. This is not possible with the competition.

Monique op 12-02-2016:

Question: Does this bridle have silver colored fittings? Is on the picture but want to know for sure. Thanks

Answer: This has silver buckles. The multi has gold colored buckles.

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