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If you ride a horse, a helmet is really important. A helmet protects your head against possible head injuries that you can incur during a fall. A riding helmet must fit well, otherwise the protection is not optimal. More information

A riding helmet should not be too loose, but not too tight. Especially for children, different colors of riding helmets are available. For children who are still growing it can be nice to take an adjustable riding helmet. These adjustable helmets have a dial that lets you adjust the size. This way the helmet can grow for a while. Agradi sells several children's riding helmets in pink, blue or black. All riding helmets comply with the CE / EN-1384 standard. This is the general safety standard with which riding helmets must comply. The measurements of a helmet is measured in centimeters. The circumference of your head indicates the correct size. You can measure this just above your eyes, behind the head.

Riding boots or chaps also increase your safety while riding. At Agradi you can find all kinds of tailored riding boots. We often have great offers on our riding boots, so you can order cheap riding boots. We sell, among other things, riding boots made of leather and rubber, but also special winter riding boots. These riding boots are warm lined with fleece or faux fur and keep your feet warm. It is important that riding boots fit well, otherwise, they can start to irritate. For example, too high riding boots will rub into your knee cavity. We also have many types of horse riding, such as chaps of leather, Amara or neoprene. Chaps and riding boots give support to your lower legs, so you can keep them tidy. In the case of chaps, jodhpur shoes are usually worn. These are often smooth leather shoes with a heel. A heel ensures that you can not shoot with your foot in the brace and get stuck in the stirrup. Riding gloves are also indispensable for many riders. They give more grip to the reins and ensure that the reins do not slide through your hands. Protective gloves also protect your hands from rubbing the reins. Agradi sells, among other things, the well-known Roeckl riding gloves.

You can also find bodyprotectors in the Agradi online shop. A body protector is a protective vest to wear while riding and is increasingly used during horse riding. The KNHS requires the wearing of a body protector at official SGW or eventing competitions. Agradi sells body protectors for children and adults. We have all kinds of sizes in our range. A well-fitting body protector is comfortable and protects your spine during a fall. A body protector cannot prevent all injuries, but your body will be better protected if you fall.

The racing rider will find a wide range at Agradi. With us, you will find riding jackets for children, ladies, and gentlemen. Nowadays all colors of riding jackets are allowed at the KNHS. We also sell competition jackets in brown, pink, blue and other fun colors. There are cheap riding jackets for the starting competition riders, but even if you are looking for a more luxurious jacket, you have come to the right place. We also sell white competition breeches. You have the choice of breeches with or without a seat. We also sell Dressage stocks, hairnets and other competition accessories. In our category of saddle cloths you will find many types of competition covers. Again, all colors are allowed, but white templates are still the most popular.