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Electric Fencing

Here you can find electric fences and everything that has to do with it. "What is that?" We hear you think. In this category you can, for example, find fence posts, fence wire, fencing tape, fencing rope, etc. You can also go on here for different types of devices and batteries, testers, wire tensioners, earth drills, reels and insulators. More information

You may have a pasture where you keep horses or cattle (sheep, goats, cattle, poultry). Of course, you also want to keep these in the pasture. You can fence your way for this. Then you can, for example, purchase an energizer that works on a battery or mains power. You can, for example, connect fencing wire or fencing tape. You attach them with insulators to fence posts of wood, plastic or steel. Just where you prefer.

It is also possible to screen a smaller area, for example fencing your garden. This can be done for example for your chickens or rabbit. These can then stay neatly behind the net. We also have sheep nets. These are delivered in a double pen and a single pen.

The brands that we carry are mainly from Ako, Kerbl, Corral. With some articles, you get a free article! This can be a fence checker or a fence tester. You get this for example with selected energizers. You can also get a warning sign for free. These are included with selected cord and thread.

Unfortunately, you can not go here for fencing your balcony. You can find everything for fencing your garden for dogs or cats for example. For this, you can purchase a hobby set. This is to protect your garden and is also ideal for keeping your dog or cat 'inside'.

If you would like more information or need some advice on what to get, please e-mail or call Agradi. We would love to help!