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Are you looking for something for your stable or yard? At Agradi you can actually order all items online. Both in the barn and around it. More information

Many stables are not heated but are heated by the animals in them. When it gets colder, pipes and water containers can freeze. This is one of the biggest inconveniences in the winter. Cow, sheep, horse or goat, they all need unlimited access to drinking water. To make your stable winter proof you can find various antifreeze products at Agradi. In addition to separate attributes such as heated drinking bowls or thermo tubes, you can also find complete antifreeze systems. With such a system your barn is completely anti-freeze and water tanks or pipes will no longer freeze. It is important for animals that they get enough exercise, so they also go outside in the winter. You can use special thermo containers for this. Water in these drinking troughs can hardly freeze due to the thermo layer

To have a good view of your stable and yard when you are away from home, it is advisable to purchase a security camera. These cameras are multifunctional because you can also use them as a trailer camera. That means that you attach the camera in the trailer or truck, in the car or cabin you have an LCD screen on which you can see your pony or horse.

To keep your stable and yard clean you will find, at Agradi, natural forage forks, manure forks, brooms, wheelbarrows and more. These are available online in many different types and sizes. All these products are easily ordered online and delivered to your home.

For the layout of your house, you can find in our assortment of others drinking bowls and vats. Nothing is more important than a good feed storage. Feed and certainly concentrate is not cheap, to maintain its nutritional value you can find various types of feeders at Agradi.

You can also find all kinds of accessories for your tractor, trailer, trailer, and car. You can think of loose reflectors, chairs, locks, tarpaulins, lamps and much more. These are often available at a discount and of very good quality.

At Agradi you can, of course, find Tylene hoses and attributes for this. You can use nylon hoses for many different purposes. With these hoses, you can build your own water pipes and gas pipes, for example from the house to the barn. Both underground and above ground.

Besides these products, you can find much more for your stable and yard. Also take a look at the sale page, here you will find many offers.