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Discover the latest autumn/winter collections here! >


What payment methods does Agradi offer?

Agradi offers multiple payment methods.

Agradi uses a paymentprovider called Icepay, which bundles every payment, foreign and domestic, for Agradi.

Because of this your payment is processed safely and matched with your order. Due to the match Agradi can only edit or pay back a specific order and has no further access to information about your bank. However this can result in the fact that Agradi has to put separate requests in for your IBAN and BIC Codes. Agradi does not save or store bank information which is why multiple requests can happen. It is not possible to change an account number for a repayment. 

For paid payment methods Agradi uses a set price that is based on the cost price of that payment method which consists of costs for subscription, a set fee, revenue fee and other costs that come with cancellation. This price has been calculated as an average over all orders.

Paypal (€1,95 Euro)

You use your own paypal account to fulfil the payment. The costs of a paypal transaction for us cost 3,4% of the amount + a set amount. We determined 1,95 euro as average that we use for every order paid with PayPal. For more information see

Credit card (€1,95 Euro)

We accept the major credit cards Visa and MasterCard. Your credit card will be charged at the time when we accept your order. The surcharge for paying with your credit card is € 1,95.