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Are you looking for a new bridle? Then you are at the right address at Agradi! With us you will find an extensive range of bridles. We sell brands such as BR, Harry's Horse and Rambo.

Bridles are used during horse riding. There are all kinds of bridles that are used for different disciplines of equestrian sport. For higher dressage, a bar and a bridle is often used. This bridle contains two bits, a snaffle and a bar. With this the rider can pass on finer aids to the horse. With us you will find normal and rounded rod and string heads. We also have bridles with patent leather in the range. The bar and string heads are available in the sizes cob and full.

The most popular bridles are bridles with a combined noseband. These bridles are available in many shapes and sizes. We sell these bridles in the sizes mini shet to extra full. We also have these combined bridles in all kinds of colors. In addition to black and brown, Agradi has bridles with bright colored noseband and patent leather.

We also sell bridles with a low noseband. A low noseband is also called training nose strap and is often used for teaching young horses. A bridle with low noseband ensures that the bit is quieter in the mouth of the horse, this gives the horse a quieter touch. With us you will find complete bridles with low noseband, but also loose low nose straps.

A bridle with Mexican noseband is often used for show jumping. This noseband provides more pressure on one specific spot on the nose. This makes the noseband suitable for fierce horses, which can sometimes become strong. When the horse tries to open their mouth, the Mexican noseband causes pressure on the nose. Agradi sells bridles with Mexican noseband in black and brown.

Agradi also sells bitless bridles. These bridles are used without a bit. The horse then responds to pressure on the nose. With a bitless bridle it is important that the noseband is not fixed too low, this can cause damage to the nasal bone.

In addition to bridles, Agradi also sells various accessories. These are bridle mats of fur, loose bridle parts and head stems. These head accessories are all available in different colors.