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Ice-Vibe Cold Packs Black

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Product description


  • Article number: 44326251
  • Brand: Ice-Vibe

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52 reviews
  • Easy in use (32)
  • Remains cold for a long time and remains flexible despite being frozen (29)
  • Fit (20)
  • Easy to use (12)
  • Form (11)
  • Not (6)
  • -no- (7)

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Reiana from Rosmalen on 24/06/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

User-friendly cool packs

Nice cool packs. You just have to be careful to fasten them properly. At first she fell because they were just too loose especially after a while when they thaw on the leg. Furthermore, definitely recommended.

  • Good fit
  • Sometimes fall when they are on the leg because they thaw

Marie-sophie from Baexem on 13/05/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Very user-friendly

Easy to fasten. They also fit well around the legs of a D pony. Always have protectors pony size.

  • Easy in use
  • Good velcro closure
  • Remains cold for a long time and remains flexible despite being frozen

Valerie from Tessenderlo on 05/04/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Easy to use

After a hard workout and in the summer, it is useful to cool the tendons instead of with water.

  • Good velcro
  • Stays cold for a long time and remains flexible despite being frozen
  • Remains cold for a long time and remains flexible despite being frozen

Bianca from Berlin on 04/02/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

simple and practical

My horse usually wears size M / L, i.e. warmblood. The gaiters fit him great. Super easy to put on and fresh from the freezer are pleasant for the horse

  • Easy to handle
  • Good velcro
  • Fit
  • Good velcro closure
  • Holds despite movement
  • -no-

Nalin from Woerden on 30/11/2019

Yes, I recommend this product

easy to apply

fine icepacks when used directly from the freezer. if you take them with you on (eventing) competition (even in an electric refrigerator with extra cooling elements) they unfortunately defrost a bit too quickly to be able to use them properly. also a pity that they do not exist in a cob or pony size. This is a bit big especially in terms of the width of the lower leg

  • Easy to use
  • Easy in use
  • Wider Velcro so you have more play for the fit
  • Unfortunately not to get smaller than Full
  • Even smaller sizes would be good

Linda from Emmen on 01/09/2019

Yes, I recommend this product

User friendly

Easy to apply with the Velcro. Cools sufficiently. The only disadvantage is the fit. It is a free box to put it tightly anywhere, so that it does not cool uniformly over the entire length. That takes some puzzling to get it right. But compared to cooling the tap for 15 minutes, this is ideal

  • Easy to use
  • Remains cold for a long time and remains flexible despite being frozen
  • Good velcro closure
  • Easy in use
  • Wider Velcro so you have more play for the fit

Question and Answer

Inge on 07/05/2020:

For this article I read for that prys 1, is that 1vibe or two pieces in 1 pack please? Greetings

There are 2 pieces in the package.
S. on 12/03/2020:

Are the cool packs delivered per pair or per piece?

This item is sold in pairs. So 2 pieces.
Heidi on 18/04/2019:

What is the difference with the much more expensive ICE vibe? They cost as much as 200 euros

These are only the cold packs.
Martine on 20/06/2018:

Are the packs even without the boots to use and soy how are they stuck then, with Velcro?

The packs are fastened with Velcro. They can be used without the boots, but for optimal results the use of the boots is recommended.
Inge willems on 05/06/2018:

Can these be used to cool the knee on the hind leg or is this not possible due to the shape of the knee?

No, this is suitable for the knee:
Miranda on 04/09/2017:

Can the ice-vibe Cold pack be used on hind legs and is that only for cooling sufficient or should this in combination with the boots of ice-vibe. This in view of the large price difference between them?

the cool packs can also be used on the hind legs. Whether cooling alone is sufficient depends on the intended use. Normally it is always better to combine cooling with massage because then the circulation is stimulated.
J on 27/02/2017:

Is it a set of 2?

This is a set of 2.
Kirsten on 25/10/2016:

Can the pack be placed directly on the skin? Are they delivered in a set of 2? How is the confirmation? Would like to hear.

You can do this directly around the leg. These cold packs are supplied as a set of 2 pieces. The fastening is with a Velcro strip.
ANNICK vANDERHEYDEN on 29/08/2016:

Are the Xfull higher than the full, I do not speak of width, I already have the full but do not find them high enough from behind but my mare has very nice legs, which size should I buy? Thank you for your answer

True, the cold packs in the Extra Full size are higher than the size Full.
karin on 27/08/2016:

hi is the set complete with vibration function or should I order something else before massaging

This only concerns the cold packs. Here you will find the complete boots.
Yvonne on 03/08/2016:

Is the ice-vibe Cold Pack also only to be used for cooling, so without what is over it?

You can also use this for that.
anja westenberg on 30/07/2016:

hello, would you like to know how long with this ice-vibe cold packs can be cooled, they are so ready, how does it freeze (are there loose elements?) or is it the whole pack? and are there 2 for both legs? would like to hear.

These go by pair. There is gel in it, when you put the Ice packs in the freezer, freezes these and you can use them around the legs of your horse.

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