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We continue shipping! More than 100.000 products!

Pest Control

Everyone has suffered from pests and the Agradi of everything for sale. You can suffer from various animals. This way you can suffer from catfish, worms, cats, flies or wasps. We have another pesticide in our assortment for every animal.

Our first category is citronella candles. These candles dispel the mosquitoes when they burn. Nowadays these are available in nice colors. We also have other mosquito repellent products in our range.

In the summer we all suffer from horseflies, but what about all those animals such as cows and horses. In order to spare these animals and also people from horseflies there are several traps and also several sprays to use.

If you have woodworms in your wooden furniture, you can treat your wood against this annoying worm that makes holes in your furniture. For the correct treatment, you must read the product manual carefully.

We have various sprays for different insects. Sprays can be used for various insects. Please read carefully if this article is suitable for the insect that you want to annihilate.

If there are cats in your garden that use your garden as their personal litter box, then a cat hunter may be the solution for your problem. View our cat hunters in our range.

No cats but moles in the garden, then we have several Mole traps. Look for yourself in our assortment of mole traps to the best trap that fits you.

Rats and mice are also annoying animals to have in the house, stable or barn. They bite holes and expand in large numbers. This creates even more inconvenience for the animals. You can get rid of rats and mice in several ways. It is best to look at how you want to get rid of the animal. Do you prefer to fall where you catch them and release them somewhere else or do you go for the traps or products that they die from immediately.

If flies or wasps tired, then we also have various sprays and traps. We also have fly swatters for flies. Every product is different and is used differently, so you can choose the best fitting product yourself.

In this category you will find all pest control products that Agradi offers for sale!