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At Agradi we have various clipping products. In our assortment, we have a variety of products that are suitable for various animals. With us, you can find, among other things, body clipper machines, blades for clippers and clipper oil, sharpening blocks and hair clippers.

Body clipping machines come in various types and sizes. There are shavers for horses, cattle, sheep and other animals. There are different shaving machines with a different attachment for each animal type. This is the shaver is tuned to the coat of the animal species and you can shave under problems. Shaving machines are both wireless and without wire. There are also special shavers that produce very little noise, preventing stress in the animal. There are also extra light shavers that are nice to hold, or heavier with more power.

Clipper blades last a long time in good maintenance, but they must be sharpened regularly. At a certain point it is possible that these knives will no longer work properly. At Agradi we have complete knives sets, but also loose bottom and top knives you can find with us. Within our range you can find razor blades and shaving heads for all desired hair thicknesses. We have special comb attachment for hair clippers. So you can determine how short the coat is shaved. The blades of the comb combs and razors differ in length and numbers. This way you can tune it to the coat you want to shave.

During body clipping, it is important that the blades are oiled in time. The top blade moves up and down over the bottom blade during shaving. Because metal gives friction to metal and therefore also heat, wear occurs. During shaving you can best oil every 5 to 10 minutes and when you are done shaving again. At Agradi you will find different types of oil. These are all suitable for shavers and hair clippers. In addition to the shaving machine oil there is also cleaning liquid, which you can use after shaving. So you can store the razors clean. Some of them also have a disinfecting effect, so that diseases or any skin problems can not be transferred.

At Agradi you can also find sharpening blocks, with these blocks you can sharpen razors. Within our range you can find a grinding block and a grinding wheel. The grinding disc is equipped with 7 knives and in a standard size.

In our range you can find many different hair clippers. Hair clippers are mainly used in dogs and horses. In horses it is used for body parts that need to be shaved more accurately, for example the legs or the head. Special hair clippers are also available for cow cards. Other animals such as cats or rabbits can also be shaved for medical reasons. This is best done with a clipper. Almost all hair trimmers at Agradi are wireless and work on a battery.

Razors and hair clippers are from Agraulap, Constatana, Kerbl, Sectolin, Moser, Oster and many others at Agradi. These are all high-quality devices that last a long time. These are available in different price categories.

In addition to all these products you can also find shaving aprons, trim chairs, trim tables, hairdryers and many other accessories at Agradi. When you look for a shaving machine or parts and maintenance, then you'll find everything at Agradi!