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Up to 30% discount on Rugs

Up to 30% discount on Rugs


Besides animals in an aquarium or terrarium, you also have the rodents. These are often held in larger cages with bars. Mice, rats, and hamsters fall under these rodents. These pets need not only a house but also toys, feeders, drinking bottles and other special products. For these animals, for example, a running wheel is an absolute must, in which the animals can lose their energy. In addition, a drinking bottle or a water container is also very important, so your hamster, rat or mouse always has access to fresh water. In the wide range of Agradi you can even find interesting books about rats, so you are always well informed.

In addition to the above rodents, you also have the guinea pigs and rabbits. These are often kept in a larger loft or even a run. Also for these animals you have special products that certainly should not be missing, think for example of a large drinking bottle and a larger food bowl. A house is also absolutely necessary for these animals, so that they can hide. For all these products you can go to the Agradi webshop.

Of course, most people have pets or dogs as pets. For the dog there is a very wide range of leashes and collars, especially for your beloved four-legged friend. But also dog toys and nice soft pillows can be found in this category. For a cat the scratching post should not be missing, so that your cat can always keep the nails sharp. For cats who like to go outside, a cat door is certainly a good solution.

Finally, you also have the birds, which are kept in a large cage or aviary. Also for birds you have different types of food bowls, drinking bowls and toys. Bird sitting sticks are also very important to have in your birdcage, so your bird always has a place to rest. All these products can be found in the bird section at Agradi.

You can find everything for your pets for the most affordable price in the wide range of Agradi! When you are looking for stuff for your pet in the offer, you can take a look at the Sales page of Agradi. If you are looking for a specific brand for a product, you can go to the Brand Shop.

If you have any questions or would like some advice, please dont hesitate to ask!