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Winter Rugs

At you will find many different types of winter blankets. For every horse and pony you can find a suitable winter blanket of good quality online. Even after a few washing, our winter blankets stay warm and beautiful. We have different brands such as Horseware Amigo, Bucas, Harrys Horse, HV Polo, Sectolin, Rider Pro, Rhino and many more. More information

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Bucas Freedom Turnout 150g Navy
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Bucas Freedom Turnout 150g Navy


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It is important that your horse is well protected from the cold in the winter. That is why we have different thicknesses for every blanket brand. So you can order a 100 grams blanket at the beginning and the end of the winter. When it comes below 10 degrees you can start with a 200, 300 or 400 grams blanket. This is, of course, dependent on the weather and type of horse for which you use the blanket. A warmblood horse generally suffers from the cold rather than a cold-blooded horse like a Frisian.

The winter blankets at are available in various sizes. Our blankets starting at 105 cm go all the way up to a blanket size of 220 cm. Naturally, the winter blankets with sizes of 175 cm, 195 cm, and 205 cm are also included. These are all waterproof and breathable for the comfort of your horse or pony.

It is important that a winter blanket is of solid quality. So you can find blankets with a strength of 600 Denier. For the horses that often destroy their blanket, you can find blankets of 2,500 Denier outer fabric. Because of this sturdy nylon outer fabric, the chances of your horse breaking the blanket are many times smaller.

Do you also find it so difficult that you have to dry your horse completely after driving before the winter blanket can be used? At you can find blankets that you can put on your horse even though it is not completely dry yet. For example, the Bucas brand has the unique Stay-Dry lining. This lining works like a sweat blanket and is equally warm everywhere. The lining transports the moisture immediately outside so that the blanket always stays dry and the horse can lose its moisture.

The neck of your horse must of course also be protected from the cold in winter. That is why has winter necklaces with a neck. These neck pieces are available separately so that a suitable neck is available for every winter blanket. Would you like to have a warm winter blanket with the neck attached? Search no further! We also have these within our range.

Are you looking for winter blankets which are on sale? Then visit our sale page. 

When it really gets cold and the temperature drops below freezing, you can switch to the really thicker winter covers of 400 grams. If you are afraid that your horse gets too cold, you can opt for a padded liner rugs. You put a liner, as the name says, under the winter blanket. Due to the layer effect, it insulates extra well and the heat stays with the horse. Especially when your horse is shaved, it is important that it does not get cold.

There are blankets of different qualities and different budgets. More expensive blankets are often better resistant to pressure, which means they tear less quickly and often also allow more and longer rain without the substance leaking. In some cases, the seams of the blanket are taped so that no rain can penetrate through the seams. The qualities of the blanket can be found in the description of the blanket.