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Up to 30% discount on Rugs


In this category, you will find the wide assortment of toys. All our toys are available online. The Agradi online toys are mainly outdoor toys. Such as swings, children's tools, trolleys, stair tractors, swimming pools, sandboxes and so on. All the toys are really children's toys, which means that it is 100% safe for children.

It is important for children to express their creativity. Agradi has creative toys from, for example, SES. Furthermore, it is good for children to be in movement, many children love football. Nothing is easier than playing football in the backyard itself. All you need is a ball and goals. The football goals are available in different colors in our webshop.

Unfortunately, ordinary tools are not safe for children, but children's tools are! At Agradi you can find children's drilling machines, children's hedge trimmers, child's creatures, toy tool boxes and many other products. These are from the brands Granit and Rolly Toys. All these products are in the Bosch toy version. Of course, Agradi also has children's wheelbarrows in its range. These include Rolly Toys. A children's wheelbarrow is an indispensable product for children who like to play outside. Agradi children's wheelbarrows are available in red and green.

It is important for children to be able to develop motorically as optimally as possible. A carriage helps with this. Agradi has various trolleys, for example, a wooden treadmill from Janod in a cow version. Or Rolly Toys a John Deere walker, or better called a walking tractor. Agradi has a matching trailer/trailer for the John Deere trolley. This way, children can also take something along the way! Rollers are also available in an engine. For the slightly older children, there are beautiful stair tractors. These are available in the John Deere version, Case Puma CVX, New Holland, Valtra X-track and many other versions. Some of them even have a front loader and trailer. There are different types of trailers available, such as a dump truck, manure container, crane and so on. There are also separate accessories for the staircase tractors from Rolly Toys available. Such as loose front loaders, reversible plows, snow blades, flashing lights and so on. Everything for your stair tractor has Agradi!

When children are a little older, a step is an ideal preparation for learning how to cycle. The steppes of Agradi have 3 wheels and are therefore extra stable. For the girls, there is a beautiful pink step, for the boys a tough blue-red step.

Warm weather means water guns! Agradi has different models of water guns. A water gun does not just give you coolness, you can also play fun games with it. Naturally, a swimming pool is part of a water gun. An Intex pool is easy to set up and of good quality. The Intex pools are available in various models and sizes. There are Frame pools and Intex Easy Set pools in different sizes. You will also find the necessary attributes for this in our webshop. Such as a swimming pool ladder, airbed, filter cleaner, chlorine floater and so on. For small children who are not yet able to swim well, swimming wings and a swimming band are important. Agradi has these in different sizes for different ages. In addition to the red swimming wings, there are also pink princess swim wings, for the boys there are tough pirate wings. These not only look good, they also do their work perfectly.

For the smallest, there are special swing seats, in the colors pink and green. This is also available in a horse model. This child's swing has a saddle and a horse's head.

A trampoline is indispensable in the backyard. To keep a trampoline safe and whole, a protective cover is recommended. The trampoline must be properly fixed, this can be done with anchoring. With this, the trampoline is fixed to the ground by means of elastic bands.

Agradi obviously has the well-known BIG traffic signs in its range. There is the Big Traffic Signs Set including a stop sign. The Big traffic light is available separately, as are the pawns. These Rolly Toys pawns can be used for many purposes!

When the weather is less or when traveling, Agradi has different travel games. Rummikub, Triominos, word finder and so on. Of course, you can also find Schleich toys with us. Van Schleich horses, Schleich horse stable, Schleich Manege and other Schleich animals for a competitive price.

All Schleich products are available online. Besides Schleich animals, you can find supporters, cars, farms, fire trucks, mowers, tractors, trucks and many other tools. These are not only from the brand Schleich but also from Bruder, Bullyland, Collecta, ROS, Siku Control and many other brands.

All toys for your children can be found online at Agradi!