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Up to 30% discount on Rugs

Up to 30% discount on Rugs


In this category, you will find our wide range of online tools. Really all types of tools are advantageously available from Agradi. Such as Bosch tools, power tools, car tools, toolboxes, workbenches, extension cords and so on.

Agradi has various types of tarpaulins, these are available in various colors, sizes, and thicknesses. Agradi also has many types and sizes of bench screws. These bench screws can be very easily fixed and are made of strong material. In our assortment, the bench screws are from Heuer, Irwin and many other high-quality brands.

When you decorate, you need a number of products in addition to the wallpaper for a nice result. Wallpaper glue is one of those, besides Agradi also has glue tables, brushes, scissors and complete wallpaper sets. To get the wallpaper off a wallpaper steamer is highly recommended. Agradi has these various items in its assortment, including the brand Wagner.

To treat wood, stain is recommended. At Agradi you have the choice of many different types of stains. In addition to white stain you can also find other colors of stain with us. With shine without shine, black, brown or green, anything you want.

Of course, Agradi has various drilling sets from, among others, the brands Bosch, Kraftixx, Rex, Wolfcraft and more. Such as metal drills, wood drills, drill bits and more. For example, you can find a suitable drill set or drill bit for each drill at Agradi.

Something that always comes in handy when repairing, replacing or maintaining a building are bolts and nuts. These are available in various types and sizes at Agradi. Here you will find, among other things, wood thread bolts, lock bolts, cylinder head bolts, corrugated plate bolts, hexagon socket screws (hex bolts), tap bolts and nut bolts. These are made of stainless steel, galvanized steel or galvanized steel. The wood thread bolts in our webshop are very strong and can be heavily loaded. This makes them very suitable for hanging or anchoring heavy things. The lock bolts that you find in this product category immediately provide a nice finish. These are available in the colors black and silver, which can easily be painted. All bolts and nuts are available in all sizes, so that a suitable bolt and nut can be found at Agradi for every job.

Burners and mainly gas burners can be used for many purposes. So you can use gas burners for soldering or burning away weeds. The gas soldering irons are from the brands Campingaz, Skandia, Sievert, Rothenberger, Plein-air and many other brands. In this category you will also find an Einhell Brush cutter, gas soldering irons, pressure regulator, burner sets and refill gas bottles.

For the tractor, trailer, car and truck you can find all necessary accessories at Agradi. For example, a rubber floor coating for the bottom of the trailer or truck. With this product you can re-coat the floor yourself. You will also find various windshield wipers, support wheels, mirrors, seat cushions, battery chargers, battery clamp tongs, air fresheners and more. In short, really all supplies can be found at Agradi.

For welding and soldering of aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel and more, you will find the necessary products at Agradi. This could include soldering irons, soldering grease, complete solder sets, a welding rod, oxygen cylinder and more. As well as all requirements for gluing, painting and more.

Other tools such as saws, screwdrivers, pliers, files and more can be found in the product group Tools. Agradi has jigsaws, gas concrete saws, wood saws, metal saws and miter boxes. The screwdrivers include the brands Torx, Bahco, Skandia, Schröder and so on. For example, there are hexagonal, Phillips and flat screwdrivers. In addition, there are also screwdrivers for electricians. Pliers are Knipex, Bahco, Skandia, KWB, Stanley and more. At Agradi you can, among other things, a stripper, stripping pliers, pincers, side cutting pliers, combination pliers, pincers, pliers, pipe wrenches and much more. This is only a small selection of all types of pliers available from Agradi.

Something that always comes in handy and is indispensable in the house, stable, office, etc. is a socket. Agradi has various sockets in its range. There are sockets with one contact, to sockets with up to 8 contacts. You can also find a wall socket or power current socket at Agradi. The necessary accessories such as a cover frame, rocker, central plate, overvoltage protector etc. can be ordered in our webshop. In addition, Agradi also has various types of doorbells, drevels, toolboxes, hooks, hammers, spools, caulking guns, ladders, locks, soldering irons and more in its range. These can all be ordered easily and quickly online for the best price.

When you are looking for tools for a competitive price, you will find it at Agradi! All kinds of tools for you, online in one webshop.