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Rapide Leather Polish Black

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Product description


  • Article number: A1069287
  • Brand: Rapide

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354 reviews
  • Pima price / quality (60)
  • Really feeds the doctrine (54)
  • Good spreadable (52)
  • Pulls fast (51)
  • Fully meets expectations (47)
  • Easier to open packaging, is now very difficult (9)
  • No screw cap on jar (7)

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Ellen from La chapelle montbrandeix on 01/06/2020

moderately satisfied

This leather fat was less fat than I expected. So a lot of lubrication and the pot emptied quickly. Fragrance is not very pleasant. Color is good. Absorbs quickly into the leather.

  • Payable
  • In the right color
  • Pulls fast

Lauren from Courcelles on 20/05/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Very good

penetrates quickly and easily Covers well Good value for money

  • Penetrates quickly
  • Spreadable
  • Covers well

Tatjana from Beernem on 14/05/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Very good leather grease

Super good price quality. Very satisfied with this pot. Good greasy and penetrates very well. Use it for my saddle as well as for my leather riding boots

Anonymous from Hasselt on 11/04/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Good product

Good quality leather grease. Nice to use. Revives the color nicely. Already used for witness and a leather handbag.

  • Pima price / quality
  • Smells good
  • Easily spreadable
  • Quickly pulls
  • Gives a nicer deeper coloring
  • Does not matter

Liset from Oisterwijk on 04/04/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

helps well

helps well! my bridle was not greased for a little too long but now looks great.

  • Quality
  • Is well waterproof again
  • Waterproof again
  • Gives a nicer color
  • Good spreadable
  • Pima price / quality
  • Really feeds the doctrine
  • Lubricates well
  • Payable
  • In the right color
  • Lasts a long time
  • Pima price / performance
  • Packaging that can now be opened more easily is very difficult

Esther from Huijbergen on 24/02/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Good nutrition

Also for my leather couch. Does not discolour the leather. Can be distributed smoothly.

  • Really feeds the doctrine
  • Pima price / quality
  • Fully meets expectations
  • Lasts a long time
  • Good spreadable
  • Easier to open packaging, is now very difficult

Question and Answer

Angelique on 02/05/2019:

Is this grease also suitable for bags (somewhat thicker leather, good quality)

This leather grease can be used on furniture, bags, jackets, saddles, bridles, etc. It is advisable to always try it in an inconspicuous place.
Sandra Daan Nijman on 22/12/2018:

I had a question. I have the same pot at home only a black but brown. It is finished and I want to order a new one. But on my own is leather cream And on your leather grease. Is that the same or should I really have leather cream.

This is the same product.
Marjan on 10/12/2017:

is Rapide transparent ledervet acid free?

The leather liner is acid-free and contains no chemical components. It is a mix of mineral oils and waxes.
koen schelvis on 06/06/2016:

Hi, I have a pretty old seat, dark brown natural leather, and it's pretty dehydrated even that a crack has come into it. but for the rest many deep veins, Which products do you advise me to solve the damage

The products we sell are mainly for rigging. This leather is a lot thicker of most sofas. We therefore advise you to contact a furniture store. They can inform you specifically about which product you can use for the furniture and what is most suitable.
Martijn on 30/05/2016:

How brown is this fat? Light / cognac-brown or dark brown? Or does not that make a noticeable difference?

Rapide Leather Grease is chocolate brown in color. For light-colored or cognac colored boots / jodhpurs / chaps / rigging we recommend Rapide Levervet Blank.
HW v Batenburg on 21/03/2016:

Is this product also suitable for a leather chair

We advise you in the case of leather upholstery of (car) chairs / benches etc. to contact the concerning point of sale where the item was purchased. They can specifically inform you about the required leather maintenance.
Klaas Woortman on 17/02/2016:

Hi, I'm looking for leather grease for my brown leather couch. Now I read that Saddle fat from Passier white would be good. I do not see this in your range, but which would advise you

Our products are suitable for leather maintenance for horse rigging. We therefore advise you to contact the point of sale where you bought the bank. They can inform you specifically about which product you can use for your leather couch and what is most suitable.
freriks on 16/02/2016:

is this suitable for a black leather couch because in the description also stands for furniture

Dear customer, the articles are suitable for leather products for equestrian sports. I can not see that it says that the article is suitable for banks. I suspect it will give off fat. Greetings, Agradi Customer service
Jozina van santen on 11/02/2016:

Is the leather cover transparent or black in color?

We have the Rapide Leather Grease in the colors Black, Brown and Blank. This Rapide Leather Grease is black in color.
gerda van der Kwaak on 31/01/2016:

I want to use it to keep the leather seats in the car, what do you recommend to me?

Our leather care products are especially suitable for thicker leathers such as horse rigging. If you have questions about maintenance of leather sofas, car seats etc. we always advise you to contact the seller or specialist of the article. They can give a focused answer to your question and know what is best for the type of leather you have.

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