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Rambo Sweetitch Hoody Ice Green

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Product description

The ultimate defence against sweet itch.

Treated with our Vamoose technologyDurable- Made from durable close woven 1000D polyester to prevent irritation from even the smallest of flies whilst offering UV protection. The unique material is super soft, comfortable and made to last for many seasons.Supersized tail flap, leg arches, belly protection, V-front closure, silky neck, shoulder and mane lining, three straight surcingles, neck cover to include ears.


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745 reviews
  • Stay well (354)
  • Quality (303)
  • Wide long tail flap (287)
  • Seems solid, the males and tail root cover well (246)
  • Very strong (221)
  • Get the ears out of the blanket quite easily (134)
  • Nice to the price (92)

Your opinion counts

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Wilma from Groningen on 28/01/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

All nice blankets

My horse will sand a lot less with this blanket!

  • Quality
  • Stay well
  • Wide long tail flap
  • Strong and many closures
  • Seems solid, the males and tail root cover well
  • The first closure at the top of the head is tearing quickly

Lindsay from Lummen on 24/01/2020

Yes, I recommend this product


Horsewaere blankets remain my favorite! Slightly more expensive but worth the money

  • Blanket is easy to put on and take off
  • Wide long tail flap
  • Quality
  • Do not have to overlook
  • Stay well
  • Head cover
  • Very strong
  • Belly flap
  • Seems solid, the males and tail root cover well
  • Best blanket so far
  • Experience is the strongest blanket
  • Light color, which is less hot
  • Good model blanket, man / tail protection by lining
  • Strong and many closures

jenthe from Wortegem-petegem on 05/01/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Strongest blankets

The strongest summer blankets there are. Keep going.

  • Very strong
  • Seems solid, the males and tail root cover well
  • Experience is the strongest blanket
  • Good model blanket, man / tail protection by lining
  • Slightly less heavy dust
  • Very hot with sweltering weather horse was sweating underneath. The ponies without a blanket are sweating
  • I think the mint green color is really ugly
  • Thick blanket, seems very warm for the warmer summer days

Maja from Wülfrath on 02/01/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Great blanket

Super great blanket, unfortunately it is 125cm long for me instead of 100cm

  • Quality
  • Appears firm, the mane and tail covered well
  • Including free fly mask
  • The size should match the real back length
  • Slightly unusual fit on the chest

Mieke from Turnhout on 16/12/2019

Yes, I recommend this product

Best supreme blanket on the market

After 3 years of use, the previous blanket was worn out, now the same is purchased again. Horse does not sand anymore thanks to the blanket, otherwise I do not need any extra products (light form of summer eczema)

  • Very strong
  • Stay well
  • Dear blanket so far
  • Belly flap
  • Quality
  • Light color, which is less hot
  • Experience is the strongest blanket
  • Strong and many closures
  • Wide long tail flap
  • Head cover
  • Seems solid, the males and tail root cover well
  • Do not have to overlook
  • Nice to the price
  • Could have a little more shoulder room

J.C.M. from Limmen on 09/12/2019

Yes, I recommend this product

Super blanket

My horse has sanding spots of a summer blanket fairly quickly. It is not hot at all. my horse only had some sweat stains under this blanket with the days of 35 plus. But overall, really a super blanket. And even if you don't have the blanket, it will stay in place.

  • Strong and many closures
  • Very strong
  • Wide long tail flap
  • UV resistant
  • Mega quality
  • Quality

Question and Answer

Fiore on 17/12/2019:

Hello you say that this shirt is a little larger than you recommend for a model of a Spanish mare thank you

To choose the size, we advise you to refer to the size table: Cordialement
Tina on 20/06/2019:

Dear, I ordered this blanket, size 160 for my Haflinger but this model was too tight, could you tell me which model I order the best? Mvg, Tina

The Amigo XL Bug Rug is very suitable for horses with a wider model
Charlotte on 29/01/2019:

What is the difference between the "rambo sweet itch hoody ice green" and the "Rambo Sweet Itch Hoody Vamoose Baby Blue"?

The vamoose version has a substance in the fabric processed with an anti-insect technology.
Steffi on 06/07/2018:

I have a South German draft horse, mostly blankets in Gr. 155 carries. For eczema covers (except Busse Strong) he needs 165, because of its width. What size do you recommend to me here`?

Rambo blankets are generally cut slightly larger, even for horses with wider breasts. We recommend that you also measure the undersize of your horse once and possibly also order 2 sizes (155 and 160).
Katleen on 09/05/2018:

I have this blanket in a 125. I think it is rather tight on the belly and chest, he also has some trouble on his withers. Would I order a 130 or 140 if I buy a new one? Best regards

To determine the size we advise you to use the link below;
Korn Frauke on 02/05/2017:

I have seen that with other providers of eczema blanket Rambo Sweet Hoody a fly mask is included, so I would like to know whether it is the case with you? MfG grain

This blanket comes with fly mask.
Christel on 26/03/2017:

Is this blanket also waterproof against the rain

This blanket is not waterproof
Cindy on 30/01/2017:

can the rambo fly back liner underneath this lining under the liner system?

this blanket does indeed use a linersystem.
gerrie on 23/09/2016:

What size of blanket do I need for a 163-year-old horse? A frieze.

Then it is best to measure your horse, this is the most reliable way to find out which size you need. See the link below.
mindy on 13/09/2016:

Hello, is this the oversize or undersize that you have to fill in when ordering? grts

This is the bottom length of the blanket.
Jossy on 31/08/2016:

How can I take the correct size?

See the link below, here you can see how you can measure the horse for the right size.
joyce on 25/08/2016:

I have a shetland with normal size 85/120 now that size is never available would the 130 be too big?

This blanket is quite large, so it will probably not fit. We also have this blanket in smaller sizes, but with Vamoose, see the link below.
Bacci on 26/07/2016:

Which size corresponds to the 6.9 and a 7.0?

6.9 corresponds to 206cm 7.0 corresponds to 213cm
Ingrid on 10/07/2016:

Which size can I use for a very strong Haflinger? Height at withers with a fairly firm neck on it.

Then it is best to measure your bangs, see the link below.
Dorien on 24/06/2016:

I am looking for a good, sturdy (state with group on the land) flying blanket that can also lie outside with extreme heat without our horse overheating. Now I was thinking about the Rambo Sweetitch Hoody but our horse does not have any exeem. Tips?

You can use this blanket, but the horse can get warm on the blanket on days with a high temperature. This blanket is quite strong but this does not mean that it is indestructible. When, for example, horses start to bite, it can also break down. You can use the blanket except as an eczema blanket, even though the blanket is used, but the dust is a little bit denser than a fly blanket and therefore perhaps less airy. The fly rugs of Rambo are also pretty strong. Maybe that is also an option for you. See link below.
Anita on 25/05/2016:

my horse has size 198 of rambo winter blanket this size is not listed.

Then you need size 195.
Katia Thienpondt on 11/05/2016:

My horse's previous Rambo blanket was 5.9inch. What size does that match? Thanks for an answer

This is the size 175cm.
Karina on 11/05/2016:

How do I know which size I should have (for a hefty Icelandic) .. ??

Then it is best to measure your horse. For more information, see the link below.
Rebecca on 27/04/2016:

Which size corresponds to the 6.3 inch?

This is size 140/191. Or, in other words, size 190.
Yvanca on 17/04/2016:

Do you also have the rain liner that fits underneath?

Yes, that's the blanket below.
Geeske on 11/04/2016:

Hello :) Does the size 185 correspond to the 6'0 inch? Greetings

True indeed.
Margriet on 09/04/2016:

which rain blanket must be under the sweetitch hoody. I ordered size 175 from the hoody and under which weather conditions.

This waterproof liner can be used under the sweetich. You should order the same size if you have the outer blanket. Note, this can get very hot with hot days so you would not be able to do anything better.
Silvia Sistermanns on 07/04/2016:

Is not it too hot for her with that blanket in the summer? And what size do you recommend to me? Senna is a fell-pony and 1.40 high and solidly built. Awaiting your reply

It is possible that the horse is too hot with this blanket on hot days. The blanket is UV-resistant. What size you will need, you will have to measure up. Through the link below, you can see how you can do this.
Silvia Sistermanns on 07/04/2016:

Have a bucas blanket are satisfied only I worry if it rains hard the blanket is soaking wet and so the coat too and am afraid that they are all day with a wet blanket and am afraid they will get sick. Is that also the case with the Rambo blanket?

This is also true with this blanket, because this blanket is not waterproof. However, with this blanket you can do a waterproof liner under the blanket so that the back remains dry. Below you see the waterproof liner. Please note, the liner makes the blanket warmer and the horse may get too hot on hot days. It is not bad when the horse rains wet during warm days, this often dries quickly due to the sun.
maja on 29/03/2016:

Hello, is the rambo sweetich hoody also delivered to you with a free fly mask? mvg Maja

This is indeed as stated in the text with free fly mask delivered.
Hannah on 10/03/2016:

to what extent is the bottom of the abdomen protected against mosquitoes compared to the eczema covers with belly flap?

This blanket has no belly flap. The sides of the blanket are a little longer so that the belly is protected when the girths are stuck.

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