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Rambo Micklem Multi Bridle Black

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531 reviews
  • Multifunctional (179)
  • Very comfortable for the horse (174)
  • Nice quality (136)
  • Fit to the head of your horse (128)
  • Solid leather (114)
  • No reins (72)
  • Pricey (56)

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Nadja from Ede gld on 20/11/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Friendly bridle

I now mainly drive bitless, I can steer very fine and do not notice any 'deterioration' in the passage of the aids compared to driving with a bit. Pay attention! That bridle is small! My horse normally has Cob size but now really needs Full (especially at the jaw). My horse walks well and it seems comfortable to her. The leather is a bit stiff in the beginning, but quickly becomes supple. I made the bridle flexible at home on the couch by letting it go through my hands and pressing / stretching it. The worst stiffness was already gone.

  • Good pressure points
  • Nice quality
  • Nice to use
  • Unique cape tree
  • Multifunctional
  • Very comfortable for the horse
  • Fit to the head of your horse
  • Solid leather
  • Expensive purchase, but definitely worth the price
  • Handy bitless
  • Leather is somewhat stiff immediately after receipt
  • Felt small

Anonymous from Weener on 29/10/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Super nice and soft bridle for my young horse

Purchased this to support the training of my young horse. Very satisfied!

  • Nice to use
  • Proper functioning
  • Fits very well
  • Fit to the head of your horse
  • Multifunctional
  • Very comfortable for the horse
  • Solid leather
  • Soft for the horse
  • Fit
  • Functionality
  • Good pressure points
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Many variety options
  • Delivered quickly
  • Fashion model
  • Horse seems to run better, but still too little used to know for sure
  • Color
  • Nice quality
  • Flexible leather
  • Unique cape tree
  • Quality top
  • Clear instruction booklet
  • Fast delivery
  • Very nice design
  • It is a comfortable bridle for the horse

Ingrid from Stellendam on 27/08/2020

Yes, I recommend this product


Beautiful bridle with various options. I use it a lot with work in hand and have also driven it bitless for a while. Fit on the fjord is not very ideal. I have a size full but I had to put on a longer browband.

  • Strong ring on the nose
  • Many variety options
  • Clear instruction booklet
  • Multifunctional
  • Nice to use
  • Nice quality
  • Solid leather
  • Handy bitless
  • Leather is a bit stiff
  • Leather quickly becomes bald on the noseband by the ring
  • Felt small
  • Leather is somewhat stiff immediately after receipt
  • Learning is a bit of trouble
  • Main set is small
  • Front strap is tight

Eva from Huizen on 06/08/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Best bridle

After almost 6 years still a top bridle! Driven with bit in the first years and bitless in recent years. The many possibilities of this bridle make it unique. Very good quality, the fit is horse-friendly and perfect.

  • Very comfortable for the horse
  • Nice quality
  • Multifunctional

Krista from Rotselaar on 02/08/2020

Yes, I recommend this product


Both my horses have been satisfied with this halter for several years. It gives both freedom and control.

  • Fit

johanna from Brugge on 31/07/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

I am very satisfied with the bridle! I ordered size bangs, but it is a bit small, so when you buy it keep in mind that the sizes are a bit small! For the rest, I find it very useful to drive bitless, but also with bit! My pony also runs cattle 'better with it.

  • Nice quality
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Nice to use
  • Multifunctional
  • Felt small
  • Leather is somewhat stiff immediately after receipt

Question and Answer

martha van der veken on 17/11/2019:

Dear, I would like to buy this bridle, but how can I know that the size is correct? i have an icelandic. thank you for helping me with this?

Size Cob is expected to be suitable.
Silke Naegels on 01/10/2019:

Are reins supplied with this bridle?

No bridles are supplied with this bridle.
Beck on 11/12/2018:

Could you tell me the length of the throat belt with the size pony? Thanks for your comment.

The throat strap of the size pony can be adjusted from +/- 25 to +/- 40cm.
Eddy Nieuwhuis on 25/11/2018:

Is the difference with the competition only the ring on top of the nose?

With the Multi Bridle you also have the possibility to drive bitless in 3 different ways through the ring on the nose.
maan on 06/06/2018:

Where can I find a Dutch manual for the micklem?

You can find explanations on youtube on the following link:
Elch on 29/05/2018:

Like the length of browband and throat strap for the size Full and Extra Full

From size full, the length of the browband is 39 cm and the throat strap is 37 cm. From size extra full, the length of the front strap is 41 cm and the throat strap is 37 cm.
Barbara on 21/05/2018:

Good day, do you have a micklem also in size for a petite shetty head? Greetings

Unfortunately, the Micklem Trensen are only available from size pony.
Sonja Hölscher on 30/09/2017:

I would like to order Rambo Micklem Multibridle for Pony. I know the browband is too small, I need it one size bigger. Can I order the browband separately. I look forward to your message

Unfortunately, the browband can not be bought separately.
Wagner-Menk on 19/09/2017:

Good morning, what about the Micklem multib. Bridle everything included? Accessories for Bitless Riding, Clips? Kind regards

Yes, the Multibridle is suitable for bitless riding, the clips are included in the bridle.
Gloßner Elke on 29/08/2017:

What size would you recommend for an Icelander ???

Our recommendation in your case would be size Cob.
Magdalena on 01/07/2017:

Are the straps for the bitless riding, the denture clips and the two pairs of denture belts included?

The bit clips and the denture straps are included
Martine Spaans Saeys on 20/04/2017:

I have a Frisian mare, is full the right size or xtr full, what is the difference? and for a big BWPmare, she does not have a big head.

In particular, the jaw strap is small with this bridle. The best you can therefore the Micklem bridle in 1 size larger than you are used to. The baking pieces are easily adjustable so that a size larger does not have to result in problems.
Zimmer Carina on 10/04/2017:

What color are the fittings?

The fittings are golden
Querine on 09/02/2017:

Does the Rambo micklem multibride black have gold buckles?

This multi bridle model indeed has gold colored buckles.
Meike Van den Berg on 07/01/2017:

What size do I need for a 1.84 m D-pony welsh sport type with a fine head? Ponym or cob size?

We expect that size fits Cob. If this is not the case, you can return it if you meet the conditions.
amelie on 03/10/2016:

are these rambo micklem multi bridle straps to make a chin strap or a crosslink or do you have to buy them separately if you want to do that?

These 2 straps are included in this bridle.
Eva oorts on 19/09/2016:

Which is all megelverd if you ordered this 😊

This bridle comes with bit straps, plastic clips for the bit, and the pieces for bitless to drive. The reins must be ordered separately.

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