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ProHorse Psyllium Sand Away Fibers




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ProHorse Psyllium Sand Away Fibers product description

Ideal product for horses and ponies that eat sand or are standing on rough meadows and therefore ingest too much sand.
Psyllium seed
More and more veterinarians are convinced that the binding effect of psyllium seed actually helps in the removal of sand in the gastrointestinal tract. Psyllium seed is a 100% natural fiber that binds the moisture in the intestines and turns into a jelly. Because of this it has a dual effect. First, it stimulates the movements of the intestines, making the horse better able to remove the sand. In addition, psyllium provides a jelly-like sticky mass in the intestines. The sand left behind in the intestines attaches itself to this and is thus removed.
Psyllium seed appears to have the best effect if you give a course of 7 days. This course can be repeated once a month. With daily use for a longer period of time the effect on the intestinal function diminishes; the intestines get used to the intestinal contents and are stimulated less over time. Psyllium has been used for several years in horses that eat sand and there are absolutely no known side effects. Psyllium can be given as a precaution with confidence.
Sand in the intestines
It is easy to test yourself if your horse has sand in the intestines. Take 5 to 6 dung balls and put it in a bucket, half full with water. If there is more than one teaspoon of sand on the bottom after an hour, the horse has received too much sand. In this case it is advisable to give a psyllium cure.
Use and administration
A maintenance course of 6-7 days can be given every month, unless otherwise prescribed by a veterinarian. The effect may be reduced if administered for longer than 7 days. Mix into the food. The product can be moistened slightly to prevent blowing away. In combination with omega oils (eg linseed oil) psyllium can remove more sand from the intestines. Horses often like linseed oil, which also makes it easier to eat psyllium. Always ensure sufficient roughage.
Feeding advice:
Pony: 50 grams 2x per day
Horse: 100 grams 2x per day

ProHorse Psyllium Sand Away Fibers reviews

   933 reviews
97% would buy this product again.
  • Good value for money (232)
  • Easy to use (205)
  • The horses eat it easily because it is done by food (164)
  • Pure, without additions (114)
  • Does what it says. great stuff (98)
  • Mace tip would be useful (164)
  • Little information about the use on the packaging (66)
  • Is not eaten easily by all horses (41)
  • Packaging can be firmer (30)
  • Closure of packaging could also be more convenient (eg a slide closure) (24)

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from Werkhoven at :

Psyllium fibers

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: good value for money, easy to use, the horses eat it easily because it is done by food

Cons: Mace tip would be useful, Packaging can be firmer

Excellent in use, good price / quality ratio.

from Veendam at :


Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: easy to use, the horses eat it easily because it is done by food

Cons: Mace tip would be useful, would be more interesting in a bucket to store

Fine product, easy to feed. Horses eat it like that

from Zuidbroek at :


Yes, I recommend this product
Is eaten well. Works well. My mare suffered from thin manure and after 1 course it was over immediately

from Pijnacker at :

is eaten well

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: easy to use, the horses eat it easily because it is done by food

I use this preventively 3 times a year. Eat well through soaked beet pulp and then feed directly

from Siebengewald at :

Easy to use

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Cheap, the horses eat it easily because it is done by food, does what it says. great stuff, easy to use, good value for money

Cons: Mace tip would be useful

Very easy to use. Horses eat it well.
Question and Answer

M bekx op 24-04-2019:

Question: Can you also give this to a carrying mare?

Answer: This product can be safely given to mare carriers.

marian op 27-02-2019:

Question: agradi my pony and horse have never got dirt road and they get 2 hands bix perdag how much dirt road should they

Answer: For ponies the recommended amount is 2x pd 50 gram and for horses 2x pd 100 gram.

Amanda op 26-07-2018:

Question: Can these fibers be mixed by the slobber?

Answer: Yes the Zandweg but mixed by the slobber

Gaby op 18-04-2018:

Question: how much is 50 grams how can I weigh it on a regular basis

Answer: Unfortunately there is no scoop here. However, you can order this separately with article number: Z100079.

Monique op 27-02-2017:

Question: for how many days is a bag of psyllium sand-way fibers? is 1 bag also 1 cure or?

Answer: It is advisable to give the psyllium for at least 1 week and at the end of the week to see if a longer period is needed. This is only necessary if there is still sand in the manure. Depending on how much and how long you are feeding, the bag can be used for more than 1 cure.

Gertje op 27-12-2016:

Question: Can I give psyllium sand-way fibers to a pregnant mare?

Answer: There are no indications that psyllium would affect pregnancy.

Christel op 08-06-2016:

Question: Do the fibers have to be dry or wet over the feed?

Answer: The fibers can be given dry or wet with the feed.

Annemarie op 15-02-2016:

Question: How long do I have to give the psyllium sand-way fibers?

Answer: Dear Annemarie, It is best to give the sand-way fibers a week. If you do not have sand in the manure after that week, you can stop it for a while. If you still find sand in the manure after this week, it is better to continue feeding the fibers as long as necessary. There is no harm in feeding these fibers for a longer period of time. With kind regards, customer service Agradi.

wim sonnemans op 28-01-2016:

Question: our haflinger has had spray droppings for a month now and then. We give good hay and chunks and beet pulp. What do you advise us. Thanks in advance.

Answer: We are of course not a veterinarian and can not give 'appropriate' advice because we do not know your horse. A Psyllium cure can help, but perhaps it is wise to consult the vet. With kind regards, Agradi

Michelle op 27-01-2016:

Question: How much is the right dose to give to a 500 kg horse?

Answer: We recommend one tablespoon for ponies and two tablespoons per day for horses. With kind regards, Agradi Customer service

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