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ProHorse Lin Seed Oil Plus

  • Article number: 44437811
  • Brand: ProHorse
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ProHorse Lin Seed Oil Plus product description

In support of the digestive system, intestinal action and skin and fur care! ProHorse linseed oil is a feedstuff for horses. The linseed oil supports the skin and ensures that the coat gets a beautiful shine.

Lineseed Oil
is a 100% cold-pressed linseed with all natural active substances remaining intact.

Lineseed Oil contains a high proportion of essential Omega 3 fatty acids for optimal intestinal and healthy digestion.

Support for digestion and skin, the coat of the horse is gorgeous.

Feed advice
30 ml per day per an adult horse.

ProHorse is the home brand of Agradi BV. Quality products for competitive prices.
The reason for the favorable prices is because we are directly
have collaborations with suppliers. In addition, we can keep the price advantageous by purchasing large-scale. A sharp price goes on  
at ProHorse, so never at the expense of quality.  

ProHorse Lin Seed Oil Plus reviews

   1,125 reviews
98% would buy this product again.
  • Good price quality ratio (252)
  • Good for my horse (214)
  • Recommended (120)
  • Matching pump is recommended (85)
  • Good to dosage (84)
  • Barking out of trouble (81)
  • Pumpkin would be nice (45)
  • Annoyingly, i would have to sit down (43)
  • Difficult to dose (34)
  • Inconvenient donation from the packaging (28)

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from Melissant at :

Good and affordable

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: good price quality ratio, excellent product

Cons: pumpkin would be nice, unhandily poured out of the package

Very good value for money. With sticker discount 10 liters purchased for € 31.95. Getting a pump supplied would be handy, donating is very difficult without spilling! Horse likes it very much.

from Bouville at :

Super very well received

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: with the possible reduction of the sticker the price is good, without the reduction on the expensive side, good value for money, practical packaging, quality, just good, price, recommended, good for my horse

Cons: no corresponding pump available, pump would be there

Well protected can not risk anything. Package well pack. Packages will miss a pump for easily poured but very well. Very happy

from Rijen at :

Nice big bottle.

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: good price quality ratio, with the possible sticker discount the price is good, without the discount on the expensive side, Recommended, Good for my horse, Matching pump is recommended

Cons: pumpkin would be nice, Annoyingly, I would have to sit down, Barking out of trouble

Ideally a large bottle, linseed oil goes through it quickly. Horse eats it with taste. Pump does not fit but loose on it is also fine, pouring is not possible.

from Achthuizen at :

Handy in large packaging

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Good to dosage, Cheapest, good price quality ratio, shiny horses, excellent product, Excellent quality

Very handy! Much bigger therefore cheaper. Am happy with it

from Daarle at :

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: good price quality ratio

Cons: pumpkin would be nice

Use it for a while now and it really works great !!!!
Question and Answer

Alida op 31-08-2019:

Question: does the dosing pump that can fit on the 5 liter also fit on the 10 liter can?

Answer: Yes, article number 44345432 fits both Prohorse 5 and 10 liter packages.

Cpfm Beijens op 31-03-2019:

Question: Is it cooked linseed oil that you have in your assortment /

Answer: The linseed oil is not cooked but cold-pressed.

Bianca op 02-02-2019:

Question: Is this also possible to give to Shetlanders? So how many Shetlanders can have this?

Answer: I expect that 10 to 15 ml is enough for a shetland. If you give too much linseed oil this can not hurt you.

Liv op 31-12-2018:

Question: hello, can you also feed linseed oil with other supplements?

Answer: Linseed oil can be used in combination with other supplements.

Gerard op 23-12-2017:

Question: Is linseed oil dangerous for load-bearing animals?

Answer: Linseed oil is not dangerous for pregnant horses. It contains various healthy omega fatty acids.

Karin op 12-10-2017:

Question: I would like the composition of the ingredients that are in the prohorse.

Answer: The product only contains 100% cold-pressed linseed oil.

Carien op 11-10-2017:

Question: Can I give my dog ​​something too.

Answer: This is 100% linseed oil and therefore also in a small amount suitable for dogs

Peggy van Laarhoven op 11-03-2016:

Question: Maybe a strange question, but is the 'ProHorse Flaxseed Oil Plus 5ltr' not only for horses but also for people to use? Since there is no nutritional value on your linseed oil, I can not compare it with the linseed oil that I use.

Answer: The product is meant for animals, not for people. I hope you understand that we prefer not to recommend this to people. We can not promise you anything and therefore do not know if it is harmful for use in humans. For this you can better buy flaxseed oil that has been specially developed for human use, the quality of which is suitable and controlled for human use.

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