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Shop now with 25% discount - until 30% discount on Rugs

Shop now with 25% discount - until 30% discount on Rugs


  1. Agradi's choice
    € 59,99 € 49,95 -17%
    Phytonics Gluco Balance Horse/Pony 500gr
  2. Agradi's choice
    starting at € 17,99
    ProHorse Psyllium Sand Away Fibers
  3. Agradi's choice
    € 16,99 € 12,99 -24%
    Hypo Foot Rot 100ml
  4. starting at € 8,29
    Vetramil Honey Ointment
  5. Agradi's choice
    starting at € 15,99
    Milbemax Deworming Tablet 2-12kg
  6. Agradi's choice
    € 9,25 € 7,29 -21%
    Excellent Vitasporal Horse
  7. Agradi's choice
    € 37,99 € 30,95 -19%
    Seresto Tick and Flea Collar Large Dog from 8kg 70cm
  8. € 9,99 € 8,99 -10%
    Panacur KH 250mg Dog/Cat 10 Pcs
  9. starting at € 16,95
    Milbemax Deworming Tablet 5-75kg
  10. starting at € 4,99
    ProHorse Lin Seed Oil Plus
  11. Agradi's choice
    € 15,99 € 12,95 -19%
    Frey Hoof Spray 150ml
  12. Agradi's choice
    € 29,99 € 25,26 -16%
    Frontline Flea Treatment Combo Spot-On Cat >1kg 6 Pcs
  13. Agradi's choice
    € 29,99 € 25,95 -13%
    Seresto Tick and Flea Collar Cat to 8kg 38cm
  14. Agradi's choice
    € 24,95 € 22,49 -10%
    Absorbine Hoof Lotion Hooflex Frog&Sole Care 355ml
  15. € 22,99 € 17,49 -24%
    Milbemax Chewing Tablet Tasty Big Dog 4 Tablets 4 Pcs
  16. starting at € 20,99
    Sectolin Vitamin E + Selenium Equivital
  17. € 16,99 € 13,50 -21%
    Panacur KH 500mg Dog 10 Pcs
  18. € 42,99 € 34,99 -19%
    Phytonics Magnesium Citrate Horse/Pony 500gr
  19. Agradi's choice
    € 8,25 € 6,99 -15%
    Sectolin Vitamin Paste Equivital 25ml
  20. € 27,99 € 23,95 -14%
    Phytonics Detox Comp Dog/Rabbit/Horse 50ml
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In the dog pharmacy, a part of the animal chemist, you can find everything for the health or healing of your dog. You can think of products for the skin of your dog, but also anti-flea or tick products. Our high-quality products ensure that your dog is and remains healthy again.

Agradi also has a category in the animal chemist for cats. For example, we have salmon oil to give your cat a nice shiny coat. Or are you looking for something against the fleas and ticks? Then Agradi also has everything to help your cat get rid of these annoying creatures.

Unfortunately, rodents are also sometimes ill. In our large assortment, we have a large variety of products with which you can help your rodent get rid of annoying problems, or prevent these problems.

Horse lovers can find everything for the health of their horse or pony at Agradi. In the group with animal drugstore articles for horses, you can really find everything. You can think of glucosamine, electrolytes, linseed oil, deworming agents and many other products. Agradi also has everything in its range for seasonal problems.

For the health of your poultry, you are also at the right address at Agradi in the poultry pharmacy. Complaints you can think of are, for example, blood lice or other annoying insects. With the drugstore articles in the poultry pharmacy, you can solve these problems quickly, easily and painlessly. All products of course for the most advantageous price.

In the cattle chemist you can find all health products or cattle medicines that you can think of, also for calves. So you can find products for the treatment and prevention of milk disease, magnesium deficiency, claw care and many other products.

Sheep and pigs also have health problems. In order to promote and maintain the health of these animals, you will find all conceivable products in our animal chemist.

To cure your bird or keep it healthy, you can find all products in Agradi's bird pharmacy. Products in this animal drugstore include parasite fighters or extra vitamins.

You should not forget yourself in addition to your animals. If you have hurt yourself or, for example, dry skin, it is important that you take good care of yourself and correct these symptoms. At Agradi you can find everything from stable cream to first aid stuff.

In our animal drugstore, in addition to all specific means for a certain animal species, tools are also needed to be able to use or apply something. For example, you can think of a chip reader, thermometer, examination glove, stethoscope and so on.

Finally, you can find all products for wound care at Agradi. Both people and animals sometimes have a wound. These should be disinfected and sometimes connected. You can also opt for special wound sprays or wound ointments. All products for a quick and proper healing of a wound can be found at Agradi's animal pharmacy, for a competitive price.