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Orscana by Arioneo Rug Sensor

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Orscana by Arioneo Rug Sensor product description

Do you also regularly doubt whether your horse is too hot or too cold under the blanket? The
Orscana Sensor helps you! The sensor measures the temperature, the moisture content and the
movements of your horse because the sensor can be attached to each blanket.
By synchronizing the sensor with the free app you can hear which blanket your horse is best
can wear next night. Based on the circumstances and condition of you
horse, the data from the previous night and the weather forecast is based on this advice.
In addition, the app gives you a lot of insight into the daily life of your horse, so you know how much
he has moved and is situated and whether he is stressed or calm.

The Orscana Sensor:

  • Creates insight into the day and night activities of your horse (the time your horse is standing, and is overly active),
  • Gives advice on which blanket to do in combination with the weather forecast,
  • Monitors and reports horse activities objectively and simply with clear graphs and recommendations,
  • Detects the sweat level between the blanket and the horse,
  • The sensor can be attached to all horse blankets,
  • Measure the temperature under the blanket in the stable, paddock and during transport 24/7
  • The comfort zone per horse is determined on the basis of 3 factors: age, condition of the coat and physical condition,
  • Painless and completely safe for your horse,
  • The sensor weighs only 30 grams,
  • To attach to the inside (both possible on the left and right side) of the blanket in the hip cavity, the horse starts to sweat first here,
  • To synchronize with a free app for your smartphone and / or tablet,
  • A notification on your smartphone and or tablet appears as soon as the measurement data fall outside the comfort zone of your horse, this allows you to intervene if your horse is too hot or too cold,
  • Synchronizing the bluetooth device can be up to 30 meters from the sensor,
  • The free app is suitable for iOS 8 and higher, Android 4.4 and higher and smartphones with 4.0 bluethooth technology. Via the Google Play Store you can check whether your smartphone is compatible with this app with the BLE checker,
  • The app is available in 5 languages: Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish,
  • Share all information with the caretakers of your horse and your friends,
  • The battery lasts for about 6 months, which can be replaced when the battery runs out.

Attaching the sensor:
Option 1. Daily use
The special bags in the lining of the blanket sewing is the best for daily use
firmest. There is no cap on the outside of the blanket where other horses
for example, can bite.

1. Place the pouch height of the hip cavity on the inside of the blanket.
2. Use a needle and thread to sew the bag to the blanket. Pay attention! The water-tightness on the spot
where you choke is decreasing as you go through the outer fabric with waterproof blankets.

Option 2. Temporary use
With the fastening system you can attach the sensor to a blanket especially during
transport or a shorter period of use. The fastening system contains two blue ones
buttons and a bag with metal pin.

1. To remove the bag from the fastening system, press the two blue buttons simultaneously
2. Hold the bag at the desired location between the horse and the hip cavity
the blanket.
3. Insert the pin into the mounting hole and push the halves together.
4. Check that the security is securely fastened by lightly pulling on it.
5. Place the sensor in the bag.
6. To remove the confirmation, press both blue buttons simultaneously.

Orscana by Arioneo Rug Sensor reviews

   5 reviews
80% would buy this product again.


  • Funny toy (1)
  • Size (1)
  • Information (1)


  • Make the click system safer (2)
  • Make comfort zones much smaller so that it really says something (1)
  • Usability (1)
  • Real time info, the sensor only works on bluetooth, so you always have to be within 30 meters (1)
  • Scientific substantiation (1)

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from Braamt at :

Handiest product that I have purchased

Handigste product wat ik heb aangeschaft

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: App App

Cons: make the click system safer kliksysteem veiliger maken

Certainly not regret this purchase. Indicates exactly all values. I bought this, among other things, to see if my horse was active and whether he ran a lot, for example. Everything can be seen. You really have to attach the bags to the blanket because the pin that comes with my horse was quickly lost. Sensor can find back.
Zeker geen spijt van deze aankoop. Geeft precies alle waardes aan. Ik heb deze o.a. aangeschaft om te zien of mijn paard actief was en of hij bijvoorbeeld veel rende. Alles is terug te zien. Je moet de zakjes wel echt vast maken aan de deken want de pin die meegeleverd wordt, was mijn paard al snel kwijt. Sensor gelukkig wel terug kunnen vinden.

from Ninove at :

Doubtful case


Yes, I recommend this product
App is very handy idd. Unfortunately with my device I have to restart the sensor before it connects to my app Very good if it works ...
App is idd heel handig. Jammer genoeg bij mijn toestel moet ik de sensor terug heropstarten voor aleer deze verbind met mijn app Heel goed als het werkt ...

from Biezenmortel at :

little to no scientific basis for the information you get about your horse

weinig tot geen wetenschappelijke onderbouwing voor de informatie die je over je paard krijgt

Pros: funny toy grappig speeltje

Cons: make the click system safer, scientific substantiation, ensure that the sensor does not go out at night, real time info, the sensor only works on bluetooth, so you always have to be within 30 meters, make comfort zones much smaller so that it really says something, usability kliksysteem veiliger maken, wetenschappelijke onderbouwing, zorgen dat de sensor niet uit gaat 'snachts, real time info, de sensor werkt alleen op bluetooth, je moet dus altijd binnen 30 meter zijn, comfortzones veel kleiner maken zodat het ook écht wat zegt, gebruiksvriendelijkheid

Very good concept! The execution is only less. The sensor sometimes goes off spontaneously, or stays on but gives unreliable information. (indicates, for example, that my horse is 100% of the time, while a few hours ago she was brought from the barn to the paddock and has been eating since then) also making contact via bluetooth is not really easy, takes a long time and I have several attempts required (but can also be on my phone). the fastening material is also not great, you should be able to fix the sensor with a click system. My horse always rolls when she comes in the paddock, then that pin went loose. Fortunately, she is not rolled into the peg. But that is now lost so I can no longer confirm him with the click system. That is all still manageable. What I really find disappointing is that the comfort zone is very spacious. (23 degrees difference) I had a question about that at Orscana. How do you realize that a certain race, gender and age is comfortable between 8 and 31 degrees. What is it based on? That is of course so incredibly spacious that you always sit well with that app. I can feel the difference of 23 degrees with my hand, I do not need an expensive sensor. A small test on the sum: one night my horse put on a blanket of 200 grams and the next night a blanket of 500 grams (about the same outside temperature). With both blankets my horse fell into the 'comfortable' category and in both cases it was advised not to change anything to the blanket she had last night. I did not receive an answer to my question. Only that people are inclined to impose warm blankets. So on what scientific research these comfort zones of the horse are based, that has never become clear to me. Funny toy maybe, but I find it too expensive for that. You also do not know what you trust, since they can not tell whether they have done research on the temperature of horses. the sensor / app does not provide reliable information and user-friendliness is also not great. As far as I am concerned no recommendation.
Hartstikke goed concept! De uitvoering is alleen minder. De sensor gaat soms spontaan uit, of blijft aan maar geeft dan onbetrouwbare informatie. (geeft bijvoorbeeld aan dat mijn paard 100% van de tijd ligt, terwijl ze enkele uren geleden van de stal naar de paddock is gebracht en sinds die tijd staat te eten) ook contact maken via bluetooth gaat niet echt makkelijk, duurt lang en ik heb meerdere pogingen nodig (maar kan ook aan mijn telefoon liggen). het bevestigingsmateriaal is ook niet geweldig, je zou de sensor met een kliksysteem vast moeten kunnen maken. Mijn paard rolt altijd als ze in de paddock komt, toen is dat pinnetje los gegaan. Gelukkig is ze niet in het pinnetje gerold. Maar die is nu dus kwijt waardoor ik hem niet meer kan bevestigen met het kliksysteem. Dat is allemaal nog wel te overzien. Wat ik echt vind tegenvallen is dat de comfortzone ontzettend ruim ligt. (23 graden verschil) daar had ik een vraag over gesteld bij Orscana. Hoe komen jullie erbij dat een bepaald ras, geslacht en leeftijd comfortabel is tussen de 8 en 31 graden. Waar is dat op gebaseerd? Dat is natuurlijk zo ongelooflijk ruim dat je altijd goed zit met die app. Ik kan met mijn hand wel het verschil van 23 graden voelen, daar heb ik geen dure sensor voor nodig. Kleine proef op de som: ene nacht mijn paard een deken van 200 grams op gedaan en de nacht erna een deken van 500 gram (ongeveer dezelfde buitentemperatuur). Met beide dekens viel mijn paard in de categorie 'comfortabel' en werd in beide gevallen geadviseerd niks te veranderen aan de deken die ze afgelopen nacht op had. Op mijn gestelde vraag heb ik eigenlijk geen antwoord gekregen. Alleen dat mensen geneigd zijn te warme dekens op te leggen. Dus op welk wetenschappelijk onderzoek deze comfortzones van het paard gebaseerd zijn, dat is me nooit duidelijk geworden. Grappig speeltje misschien, maar daar vind ik hem te duur voor. ook weet je niet waar je op vertrouwt, gezien ze niet kunnen vertellen of ze onderzoek hebben gedaan naar de temperatuur bij paarden. de sensor/app geeft geen betrouwbare informatie en gebruiksvriendelijkheid is ook niet geweldig. Wat mij betreft geen aanradertje dus.

from Ridderkerk at :

Super information

Super informatie

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Size, Information Grootte, Informatie, App

I get a lot of information via the app about the condition of my horse. Very nice to know how he feels.
Ik krijgt super veel informatie via de app over de toestand van mijn paard. Erg fijn om te weten hoe hij zich voelt.

at :

More insight about the welfare of your horse

Meer inzicht over het welzijn van je paard

Yes, I recommend this product
More insight into the well-being of your horse and you quickly know whether it is cold or warm (and can adjust the blanket).
Meer inzicht over het welzijn van je paard en je weet snel of hij het koud of warm heeft (en deken kunt aanpassen).

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