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Ice-Vibe Knee Wrap Black

  • Article number: A1099155
  • Brand: Ice-Vibe
  • Colour: Black
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Ice-Vibe Knee Wrap Black product description

Ice-Vibe combines cooling with vibrations, which reduces swelling, stimulates blood circulation and speeds up healing.
Vibrations stimulate the blood circulation, oxygen is brought to the legs, this supports the healing process.
Use of the cold packs ensures cooling of the blood. Which reduces the swelling, the inflammatory response and pain. Reduced the chance of the occurrence of injuries.
Comes complete in a handy storage bag and is therefore easy to carry.
The ice vibe knee wraps are versatile.

Before the training:
Very effective warm-up to prevent injuries. Can be used without cold packs.
The vibrations of the vibratory plates in the boots stimulate the circulation of the legs of the horse. This helps you prevent the occurrence of injuries in your horse.

After training:
Recovery of any damage as a result of the effort. After the training or competition you use the knee Wraps with the cold packs and the vibrating plates. The cold packs keep the legs cool and the pain is reduced and at the same time the blood circulation stimulates the blood circulation and thus promotes a quick recovery of damaged tissue.

In case of acute injuries, swelling, arthritis and sprains:

The cold packs help to reduce the inflammatory response and the vibration setting supports the blood circulation. Because the Knee Wraps are equipped with a timer, you can intensively support the recovery process. Cooling only helps to prevent inflammation. Vibrations stimulate blood flow to the legs, promote the supply of nutrients and the removal of waste. Ice-Vibe combines cooling with vibration, which reduces any swelling, stimulates blood circulation and speeds up healing.

For chronic injuries:
By using only the vibratory plates the circulation is stimulated and thus the recovery process is supported. The vibrations also have a strengthening effect on the tissue of the tendons and the ligaments.
Charge the vibratory plates before use, this takes a maximum of 4 hours. When the batteries are charged they can be used for up to 2 hours.

Activate the vibratory plates by pressing the on / off button for approx. 3 seconds.
Put the cold packs in the freezer for at least 2 hours before use. The cold packs cool for about 40 minutes.

The Ice-Vibe Knee Wraps have 3 positions.
Mode 1: Treatment of pain and swelling. Can be used with or without cold packs. Always use cold packs for acute injuries. Automatically turns off after 10 minutes.

Mode 2: Stimulates blood circulation. Can be used with or without cold packs. Suitable for use as a warm-up for training without cold packs or for forced box rest in an injury with cold packs. Automatically turns off after 20 minutes.

Mode 3: Cooling down after training. Helps to inhibit the inflammatory response while maintaining good blood circulation and promoting recovery. Automatically turns off after 20 minutes.

The ice vibe set contains the following :

  • 2 Ice-Vibe Knee Wraps
  • 2 Cold Packs
  • 2 vibration strips
  • Cable set + plugs for use in different countries

Pay attention:
Do not use the Ice-Vibe Knee Wraps more than twice a day during the first 6 weeks
In case of an infection use in combination with the cold packs
Do not use in horses with plates or screws in their legs
Do not use on bone fractures

Ice-Vibe Knee Wrap Black reviews

   3 reviews
100% would buy this product again.
  • Stays well (does not fall off) (1)
  • Cool packs remain cold for a long time (1)
  • Cools well (1)
  • You do not have to charge vibrating elements often (1)
  • Vibrate elements stop themselves (1)
  • The outside is quickly dirty by straw etc (1)

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Yes, I recommend this product
Good quality. Must put it very tight otherwise he will drop

at :

Yes, I recommend this product
Ideal for after training or swelling! Fits well to the knee and swelling was almost gone after the cool and vibrate program!

from Heemstede at :

Fine coolers

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Vibrate elements stop themselves, You do not have to charge vibrating elements often, Stays well (does not fall off), Cool packs remain cold for a long time, Cools well

Cons: The outside is quickly dirty by straw etc

Our horse had a severe injury to his ligament, the leg had to be cooled every day but we did not get him by the water anymore. The hock wrap cools well, the vibratory function also promotes circulation. Very satisfied with this product
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