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Ice Vibe Boots Black

  • Article number: Z1000008
  • Brand: Ice-Vibe
  • Colour: Black
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Ice Vibe Boots Black product description

Horseware Ice Vibe Boots.
Horseware Ice Vibe Boots are innovative and easy-to-use cooling boots that can be used for many purposes.
- Reduces the risk of injuries (tendon lesions, galls) in training / sports performance.
- For the maintenance of smooth joints.
- To care for (sensitive) muscles after training.

In addition, Ice Vibe Boots stimulate blood flow, strengthen the tendons and tires. To be used for many purposes, both before and after training and in repair of sports injury. Where traditional cold packs only cool, these boots give off a vibration that has a beneficial effect on blood circulation. The cold packs in the cooling boots ensure cooling of the horse legs. This unique combination of cooling and vibration supports rapid recovery and reduces the risk of injury after / during training / sports performance.

Use for training
For a more effective warm-up to reduce the risk of injury in training / sports, you can use the Ice Vibe Boots without cold pack. You only use the vibrating function in the boots. Vibration has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation in the legs which improves oxygen supply.
It is advisable to allow the boots to vibrate at position 1 or 2 for the best results.

Use after training
For a quick recovery after an intensive training or competition, you can use the Ice Vibe Boots as a cooling down. The cold pack in combination with the vibration function ensures that waste is removed quickly. In addition, Ice Vibe Boots accelerate the recovery of any damaged tissue.
It is recommended that the boots be vibrated at position 2 or 3 for the best result after training.

Use injuries or other indications
The unique combination of vibration and cooling is good for the connective tissue in the skin. Therefore, Ice Vibe Boots are very useful in horses with tendon injuries and the maintenance of strong bones.
It is recommended to let the boots vibrate at position 2 or 3 for the best effect.
Blood bleeding is not very good, especially if the horse is quiet, the blood flow is minimal. In order to prevent health problems in horses that stand still, Ice Vibe Boots can help to prevent these problems, in addition to plenty of pasture.

How do Ice Vibe Boots work?
Ice Vibe Boots promote blood flow, bringing oxygen to the legs to support and accelerate the healing process. The cold packs provide for the cooling of the leg, which reduces swelling, inflammation and pain. The cold packs must be in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Then apply the cold pack to the lower leg and confirm using the Velcro closure. The battery of the tripods must be recharged before use. This takes up to 4 hours for the first time. Fully charged, this can be used for up to 2 hours.

The Ice Vibe set contains:
- 2 Ice Vibe Boots.
- 2 cold packs.
- 2 vibrating elements.
- 1 charger (which can be connected to a laptop with USB connection).
- 3 adapters to also have the right connection on international competitions to charge the batteries.

Battery life: The supplied battery can deliver up to 2 hours of power.
A treatment takes 20 minutes.

Stands of the Tristrips
The treadmills contain 3 different positions.
- Condition 1: Treatment during recovery period. Can be used with or without cold packs. In acute injuries, it is advisable to use it in combination with the cool packs. This mode automatically turns itself off after 10 minutes.
- Condition 2: Promotes blood circulation. Can be used with or without cold packs. This stand is suitable for warming up without cold packs or for forced boxing due to injury in combination with cold packs. This mode automatically turns itself off after 20 minutes.
- Condition 3: Cooling down after training. Maintain good blood flow and recovery. This mode automatically turns itself off after 20 minutes.

Pay attention:
During the first 6 weeks, do not use the Ice Vibe Boots more than 2 times a day.
Do not use bone fractures.
In case of infection in combination with cold packs.
For the first time use the horses carefully to get used to the Ice Vibe Boots to prevent a scare response.
Do not use with horses with screws or plates in their legs.
Only use Ice Vibe Boots under supervision.

Available in sizes Full and Extra Full

Length at size L:
Front 28cm, back 32cm
Length at size XL:
Front 32cm, back 37cm

Ice Vibe Boots Black reviews

   119 reviews
98% would buy this product again.


  • Fit (28)
  • Hope for positive influence to cure tendon damage (18)
  • Fits perfectly (18)
  • Convenient to take along (17)
  • They run independently, ie you can clean, feed, etc (17)


  • Battery indicator would be nice (20)
  • When activating the different levels, eg an acoustic confirmation signal would be helpful (7)
  • You have to bother them in the freezer then (7)
  • Freezer compartment to stop the cool elements. this delivery would be neat (6)
  • Only bought when they were in the discount (5)

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from Stolberg at :

ICE vibe

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Horse enjoys the "massage", Different programs for different purposes, They run independently, ie you can clean, feed, etc, cooling, warm up opportunities, cooling capabilities, fit Pferd genießt die "Massage", Verschiedene Programme für unterschiedliche Zwecke, Sie laufen selbständig, d.h. man kann dabei putzen, füttern etc, kühlung, aufwärmen chancen, abkühlung fähigkeiten, passen

Cons: more cooling, icepack with wide velcro mehr kühlung, icepack mit breiten klett

Very good article with good adaptation and long battery life.
Sehr guter Artikel mit guter Anpassung und langer Akkulaufzeit.

from Detmold at :

My horse loves her

Mein Pferd liebt sie

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: They run independently, ie you can clean, feed, etc, Horse enjoys the "massage", Easy to handle, fit, Warm up opportunities, Hope for positive influence to cure tendon damage Sie laufen selbständig, d.h. man kann dabei putzen, füttern etc, Pferd genießt die "Massage", Einfach in der Handhabung, passen, Aufwärmen Chancen, Hoffnung auf positiven Einfluss zur Heilung des Sehnenschadens

Cons: Battery indicator would be nice, When activating the different levels, eg an acoustic confirmation signal would be helpful Akku-Anzeige wäre schön, Bei Aktivierung der verschiedenen Level wäre z.B. ein akustisches Bestätigungssignal hilfreich

I can only recommend the Gama geb - the tendons and ligaments of my horse look great again and I have since using the leggings no more problems with the long!
Ich kann die Gama geb nur empfehlen - die sehnen und Bänder meines Pferdes sehen wieder super aus und ich habe seit der Benutzung der gamaschen keine Probleme mehr mit den sehnen!

from Bunschoten-spakenburg at :

Works well in 2 ways

Werkt goed op 2 manieren

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Horse enjoys the "massage", Fit, Also good to use with a wound, many ways, Fits perfectly, Cooling down possibilities, Nice soft fabric for the horse legs, Many possibilities, Warming up possibilities, cool packs stay cool for a long time, Easy to use, very high quality, nice soft for horses legs, in cooler bag they stay cool, different programs for different purposes, convenient to take along, they run independently, for example, while brushing, feeding, etc., Cool suit stay cool for a long time, convenient to take with you, warming up possibilities, cooling capacity Paard geniet van de "massage", Pasvorm, Ook goed te gebruiken bij een wond, vele manieren, Past perfect, Cooling down mogelijkheden, Mooie zachte stof voor de paardenbenen, Vele mogelijkheden, Warming up mogelijkheden, coolpacks blijven lang cool, Gemakkelijk te gebruiken, zeer hoge kwaliteit, mooie zacht voor paarden benen, in koeltas blijven ze goed koel, verschillende programma's voor verschillende doeleinden, handig om mee te neme, ze lopen onafhankelijk, u kunt bijvoorbeeld tijdens het poetsen, het voeden, enz, Cool pak koel blijven lang, handig om mee te nemen, warming-up mogelijkheden, koelvermogen

Cons: possibility to charge the horseware ice vibes in the car extra plug for this so completely top, freezer compartment to stop the cool elements. this delivery would be neat, battery indicator would be nice, Make the vibrating panels waterproof so Jeff can cool neck and sides while the boots are gone mogelijkheid om de horseware ice vibes in de auto op te laden extra plugje hiervoor zo helemaal top, diepvriesvak mee leveren om de koel elementen in te stoppen. dit bijleveren zou netjes zijn, batterij-indicator zou leuk zijn, De trilpanelen waterdicht maken zodat Jeff hals en flanken kan koelen terwijl de boots om zijn

I bought the ICE vibe boots for my pasrd that has a wound on his leg changing ICE keeps the leg nice and thin while in turn the vibe stimulates the blood flow the wound heals beautifully
Heb de ICE vibe boots gekocht voor mijn pasrd die een wond aan zijn been heeft wisselend houd het ICE het been mooi dun terwijl beurtelings de vibe de bloeddoorstroming bevorderd de wond geneest prachtig

from Wetsinge at :

in itself handy, but water cools better

op zich wel handig, maar water koelt beter

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: convenient to take along, they run independently, for example, while brushing, feeding, etc. handig om mee te neme, ze lopen onafhankelijk, u kunt bijvoorbeeld tijdens het poetsen, het voeden, enz

Cons: Cool longer Langer koelen

it brings easily, I see good results with thick legs that then become thinner, but after about 20 minutes hold the cool elements still not enough cold to give, the leg feels already no longer really cold as you have water
het brengt makkelijk aan, ik zie wel goede resultaten bij dikke benen die dan dunner worden, maar na ca 20 minuten omhouden blijken de koel elementen toch niet voldoende kou af te geven, het been voelt dan al niet meer echt heel koud zoals jebij water hebt

from Aachen at :

Great, multifunctional cooling and vibration gaiters

Tolle, multifunktionale Kühl- und Vibrationsgamaschen

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Very high quality Sehr hochwertige Qualität

Cons: icepack with wide velcro icepack mit breiten klettverschluss

Multifunctional cooling and vibration gaiter, which should not be missing in any stable pharmacy. The gaiters are made of high quality and the vibrating element can be positioned in different places in the gaiters in the corresponding pockets. In addition to the gaiters include two cooling elements that can be positioned with Velcro on the horse's leg, before the gaiters are then created with vibrating elements. Charging the vibration elements works well with the supplied adapter. After several weeks of use of the leggings during a period of absolute chest rest of my horse due to an operation, I can only report positive. After only 10 minutes of use, the legs are much clearer. My horse enjoys the application visibly and likes to put on the leggings.
Multifunktionale Kühl- und Vibrationsgamasche, die in keiner Stallapotheke fehlen dürfen. Die Gamaschen sind sehr hochwertig gearbeitet und das Vibrationselement kann an verschiedenen Stellen in den Gamaschen in den entsprechenden Einschubtaschen positioniert werden. Zusätzlich gehören zu den Gamaschen zwei Kühlelemente, die mit Klettverschluss am Pferdebein positioniert werden können, bevor dann die Gamaschen mit Vibrationselementen angelegt werden. Das Aufladen der Vibrationselemente funktioniert problemlos mit dem mitgelieferten Adapter. Nach mehrwöchiger Nutzung der Gamaschen während einer Zeit absoluter Boxenruhe meines Pferdes aufgrund einer OP, kann ich nur Positives berichten. Nach nur 10-minütiger Anwendung sind die Beine deutlich klarer. Mein Pferd genießt die Anwendung sichtbar und lässt sich die Gamaschen gerne anlegen.

Question and Answer

Larissa Mayer-Hirsch op 20-02-2018:

Question: What is the size difference between Full and X-Full? Was ist der Größenunterschied zwischen Full und X- Full?

Answer: Enclosed are the dimensions of the gaiters in the sizes Full and X Full // Full: total width 29.5 cm, height 29.5 cm, length of the Velcro fasteners 18 cm // XFull: total width 35 cm, height 33 cm, length of the Velcro fasteners: 13cm Anbei die Abmessungen der Gamaschen in den Größen Full und XFull // Full: Gesamtbreite 29,5 cm, Höhe 29,5cm, Länge der Klettverschlüsse 18 cm // XFull: Gesamtbreite 35 cm, Höhe 33 cm, Länge der Klettverschlüsse: 13cm

Huisman op 26-12-2017:

Question: What is the length of the leg in size full? (So ​​not from top to bottom) Wat is de lengte óm het been bij maat full? (Dus niet van boven naar beneden)

Answer: The coldpack of size Full has the dimensions 33 x 21 cm The coldpack of size Extra Full has the dimensions 41 x 36 cm De coldpack van maat Full heeft de afmetingen 33 x 21 cm De coldpack van maat Extra Full heeft de afmetingen 41 x 36 cm

Martine Lagas op 20-11-2017:

Question: is this the complete set or only the boots? is dit de complete set of alleen de boots?

Answer: The Ice Vibe set contains: 2 Ice Vibe Boots. 2 cold packs. 2 vibrating elements. 1 charger (which can be connected to a laptop with USB connection). 3 adapters to have the right connection at international competitions to recharge the batteries. De Ice Vibe set bevat: 2 Ice Vibe Boots. 2 cold packs. 2 trillende elementen. 1 oplader (welke kan worden aangesloten op een laptop met usb aansluiting). 3 adapters om ook op internationaal concours de juiste aansluiting te hebben om de batterijen op te laden.

sonja op 18-10-2017:

Question: how many times can I do the treatment twice a day, 3x which is recommended wie oft kann ich die Behandlung am tag machen 2x, 3x was wird empfohlen

Answer: The manufacturer recommends a maximum of one treatment a day, initially only for 10 minutes that the animal can get used to the leggings. Thereafter, the duration of treatment may be increased, but a session should not take longer than 20 minutes. Der Hersteller empfiehlt maximal eine Behandlung am Tag, anfangs auch nur für 10 Minuten, dass das Tier sich an die Gamaschen gewöhnen kann. Danach kann die Behandlungsdauer gesteigert werden, jedoch sollte eine Einheit nicht länger als 20 Minuten dauern.

marlen op 23-08-2017:

Question: Can I use the cooling pads without the gaiters? Or may / must be used ONLY in combination (cooling pads + gaiters)? Thank you very much! Kann man die Kühlpads auch ohne den Gamaschen verwenden? Oder darf/muss man diese NUR in Kombination (Kühlpads+Gamaschen) verwenden? Dankeschön!

Answer: You can also use the cooling pads without gaiters. Sie können die Kühlpads auch ohne Gamaschen verwenden.

Maike op 28-07-2017:

Question: Are the included batteries and rechargeable batteries included? Can I not read clearly from the article description. Sind in dem Lieferumfang auch die dazugehörigen Batterien/Akkus Dabei? Kann ich aus der Artikelbeschreibung nicht deutlich herauslesen.

Answer: The package includes: 2 gaiters 2 cooling pads 2 vibration elements 1 charger Im Lieferumfang sind enthalten: 2 Gamaschen 2 Kühlpads 2 Vibrationselemente 1 Ladegerät

Philip trummert op 07-07-2017:

Question: Are the gaiters with the cool packs delivered so are those from home here or you have to buy yourself? Werden die gamaschen mit den kühlpacks Geliefert also sind die von haus aus dabei oder muss man die sich selber nachkaufen?

Answer: Contents of the Ice Vibe Set - 2 Ice Vibe Boots. - 2 cooling packs. - 2 vibrating elements. - 1 charger (this can be connected to a USB stick on the laptop). - 3 way plugs for International (abroad) to charge the batteries too - a bag to keep the Ice Vibe's. Battery life: The supplied batteries can supply 2 hours of power One treatment lasts 20 minutes Inhalt des Ice Vibe Set's - 2 Ice Vibe Boots. - 2 Kühl Packs. - 2 vibrierende Elemente . - 1 Lader (dieser angeschlossen werden kann an einen USB -Stick am Laptop). - 3 Wege-Stecker um International ( im Ausland )die Batterien auch aufladen zu können - eine Tasche um die Ice Vibe's aufzubewahren. Lebensdauer des Akkus: Die gelieferten Akkus können 2 Stunden Strom liefern Eine Behandlung dauert 20 Minuten

Christa Karl op 30-06-2017:

Question: From which size is the size X-full recommended? Ab welcher Größe ist die Größe X- full empfohlen?

Answer: Dimensions: XL- Full Cooling element: Width: 24.5 cm Height 33.5 cm Gaiter of XL- Full has the dimensions length 35 cm and height 32 cm Dimensions: Full: Cooling element: Width: 20 cm Height 28 cm Gaiter of Full has the dimensions: Length 22 cm and height 30 cm We ask you to measure the leg circumference yourself and to assume from the size information whether your horse will fit this Ice Vibe. Please note that the measurements were measured without Velcro. Abmessung : XL- Full Kühlelement : Breite :24.5 cm Höhe 33.5 cm Gamasche von XL- Full hat die Abmessungen Länge 35 cm und Höhe 32 cm Abmessungen : Full : Kühlelement : Breite : 20 cm Höhe 28 cm Gamasche von Full hat die Abmessungen : Länge 22 cm und Höhe 30 cm Wir bitten Sie den Beinumfang selber zu messen und von den Größenangaben auszugehen ob Ihrem Pferd diese Ice Vibe passen. Bitte beachten Sie dass die Maße ohne Klettverschluss gemessen wurden.

Linda op 01-04-2017:

Question: If the leggings sold here individually or is the one set for 184 € Werden die gamaschen hier einzeln verkauft oder ist das eins set für 184€

Answer: The leggings are sold by set so two pieces. Die Gamaschen werden per Set verkauft also zwei Stück.

Birdie op 06-09-2016:

Question: How do you know which position you have when you switch on the vibrating panel? Does he return to stand 1 each time? Hoe weet je nu welke stand je hebt als je het trilpaneel aanzet? Staat hij elke keer terug op stand 1 of?

Answer: This always goes back to state 1 when you turn it on again. Deze gaat elke keer terug naar stand 1 inderdaad wanneer je deze opnieuw aanzet.

Marina van Osch op 26-08-2016:

Question: Is there a bag with this package? Zit er ook een tas bij dit pakket?

Answer: There is indeed a bag included. Hier zit inderdaad een tas bij inbegrepen.

Alice op 18-06-2016:

Question: The ice Vibe boots is that an old or new model? De ice Vibe boots is dat een oud of nieuw model ?

Answer: This is the new model. Dit is het nieuwe model.

N op 31-05-2016:

Question: I just ordered size xfull. Is that the right size for a kwpner? Ik heb zojuist maat xfull besteld. Is dat de juiste maat voor een kwpner?

Answer: If it has a bit thick legs, otherwise you could also take size Full. Als deze een beetje dikke benen heeft wel, anders zou je ook maat Full kunnen nemen.

Lindsay op 26-05-2016:

Question: Can the boots be used both front and back? Zijn de boots zowel voor als achter te gebruiken?

Answer: That's right, these can be used with both the front and hind legs. Dat klopt, deze kunnen bij zowel de voor als achterbenen gebruikt worden.

mildred op 14-04-2016:

Question: is the action of the boat for an amount of 227, = a complete immediately usable set to be used for the front legs, or should the eea be bought here. Concretely: complete and immediately usable? is de aktie van de boot voor een bedrag van 227,= een complete direkt bruikbare set om te gebruiken voor de voorbenen, of moet hier nog het eea bijgekocht worden. Concreet: kompleet en direkt bruikbaar?

Answer: This is complete and immediately usable. Deze is compleet en direct bruikbaar.

Louise op 12-02-2016:

Question: If XL is for a large KWPN, is L suitable for a small horse / big pony? Als XL voor een grote KWPNer is, is L dan geschikt voor een klein paard/grote pony?

Answer: True, I think that is going to fit. Klopt inderdaad, ik denk dat dat wel gaat passen.

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