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Ice-Vibe Boot Black/Aqua

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Product description


  • Article number: Z1000008
  • Brand: Ice-Vibe

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199 reviews
  • Fit (61)
  • Convenient to take along (37)
  • Cooling down possibilities (35)
  • They run independently, ie you can clean, feed, etc (35)
  • Easy to handle (48)
  • Battery indicator would be nice (52)
  • Freezer compartment to stop the cool elements. this delivery would be neat (10)

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Anonymous from Merksplas on 30/11/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Good quality product

Very nice product. My horse with an injury clearly has good support for this. After 1 use, you will immediately see a reduction in swelling. It takes some getting used to in the beginning, but now she really likes to wear it. It is value for money.

  • Velcro holds well
  • Very high quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Cooling
  • Easy to use
  • Cooling down possibilities
  • Warming up possibilities
  • Hope for positive influence on the healing of tendon damage
  • Easy to use
  • Different programs for different purposes
  • Nice soft fabric for the horse legs
  • Velcro stays great
  • Fits perfectly
  • Convenient to take along
  • They run independently, for example, while brushing, feeding, etc.
  • Fit
  • Horse enjoys the "massage"
  • Provide a freezer compartment to put the cooling elements in. This delivery would be neat
  • Battery indicator would be nice

Daphne from Weesp on 17/11/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Easy to use top for injuries and prevention

Very nice boots for cooling. Myself and my vet were very pleasantly surprised that the swelling (with tendon collapse) had decreased so much after the first use. Also very nice for horses that are sensitive to mug and where cooling several times with water is not desired. You switch them on, they automatically switch off and you can, for example, brush your horse, walk or do other activities in the stable. She wanted to buy a stable mate of mine, but thought she was on the expensive side, but the swelling caused by a tendon injury in her horse was not under control. She then used my ice vibes and finally the leg got thin, so she immediately bought them herself. The only downside is that the vibration plates have no battery indication. I just put them on the charger once a week (with daily use), but a light would be useful

  • Many possibilities
  • Fit
  • Cooling
  • Convenient to take along
  • They run independently, for example, while brushing, feeding, etc.
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Hope for positive influence on the healing of tendon damage
  • Cool packs stay cool for a long time
  • Battery indicator would be useful

Agathe from Guillac on 14/11/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Product appreciated by the horse

My horse appreciates the pose of the ice vibe. Top product for recovery after work.

Anonymous from Ste colombe sur l hers on 15/09/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Not yet tried but I have had very good feedback and I think the quality of this product is well established.

  • Well explained, easy to use
  • Velcro holds well
  • They work independently, ie you can while brushing, feeding, etc.
  • Easy to use
  • Horse loves the "massage"
  • The hope of a positive influence on the healing of tendon injuries
  • Easy to take with you

Marielle from Apeldoorn on 05/09/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

A little deeper, but beautiful device.

Read the instructions carefully in advance and watch the video. So that you know what you can do and when. Very good solid quality. The only thing is that you have to remember to take the cooling packs from the freezer. And then immediately use in the stable.

  • Fit
  • Cooling down possibilities
  • Nice soft fabric for the horse legs
  • Warming up possibilities
  • They run independently, for example, while brushing, feeding, etc.
  • Different programs for different purposes
  • In cooler bag they stay cool
  • Very high quality
  • Velcro stays great
  • Battery indicator would be nice
  • You have to bother them in the freezer then
  • Freezer compartment to stop the cool elements. this delivery would be neat
  • Possibility to charge the horseware ice vibes in the car extra plug for this so completely top
  • Ice packs get warm quickly
  • Battery indicator would be good

Anonymous from Leverkusen on 27/06/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Effective and simple

I like to use the IceVibe's both for customer horses and privately. Especially with tendon problems, I don't want to miss them anymore. The horses accept the gaiters well and enjoy the treatment partly visibly. A charging function for on the go would be great! Especially if you use the product a lot. A battery indicator would also be useful.

Question and Answer

Lotte on 11/09/2019:

Which size fits best for the entire hind leg? L or XL? Horse is 1.65m injury is in the middle tendon under jump joint.

It is best to measure which size will best suit your horse. The length with size L is: front 28 cm, rear 32 cm. Length with size XL: front 32 cm, rear 37 cm
Marie on 14/07/2019:

Hello does it work well for the wheels? thank you !

This article helps in most cases to reduce the swelling of the wheels. cordially
Renate Oehler on 06/08/2018:

Are there any Ice Vibe Gaiters for the forefoot root joints?

Yes, this product can be found under article number A1099155
A. Heller on 28/05/2018:

Is the cooler included in this set or is it just the normal storage bag?

The cooler bag is not included in the delivery.
Larissa Mayer-Hirsch on 20/02/2018:

What is the size difference between Full and X-Full?

Enclosed are the dimensions of the gaiters in the sizes Full and X Full // Full: total width 29.5 cm, height 29.5 cm, length of the Velcro fasteners 18 cm // XFull: total width 35 cm, height 33 cm, length of the Velcro fasteners: 13cm
Huisman on 26/12/2017:

What is the length of the leg in size full? (So ​​not from top to bottom)

The coldpack of size Full has the dimensions 33 x 21 cm The coldpack of size Extra Full has the dimensions 41 x 36 cm
Martine Lagas on 20/11/2017:

is this the complete set or only the boots?

The Ice Vibe set contains: 2 Ice Vibe Boots. 2 cold packs. 2 vibrating elements. 1 charger (which can be connected to a laptop with USB connection). 3 adapters to have the right connection at international competitions to recharge the batteries.
sonja on 18/10/2017:

how many times can I do the treatment twice a day, 3x which is recommended

The manufacturer recommends a maximum of one treatment a day, initially only for 10 minutes that the animal can get used to the leggings. Thereafter, the duration of treatment may be increased, but a session should not take longer than 20 minutes.
Maike on 28/07/2017:

Are the included batteries and rechargeable batteries included? Can I not read clearly from the article description.

The package includes: 2 gaiters 2 cooling pads 2 vibration elements 1 charger
Philip trummert on 07/07/2017:

Are the gaiters with the cool packs delivered so are those from home here or you have to buy yourself?

Contents of the Ice Vibe Set - 2 Ice Vibe Boots. - 2 cooling packs. - 2 vibrating elements. - 1 charger (this can be connected to a USB stick on the laptop). - 3 way plugs for International (abroad) to charge the batteries too - a bag to keep the Ice Vibe's. Battery life: The supplied batteries can supply 2 hours of power One treatment lasts 20 minutes
Christa Karl on 30/06/2017:

From which size is the size X-full recommended?

Dimensions: XL- Full Cooling element: Width: 24.5 cm Height 33.5 cm Gaiter of XL- Full has the dimensions length 35 cm and height 32 cm Dimensions: Full: Cooling element: Width: 20 cm Height 28 cm Gaiter of Full has the dimensions: Length 22 cm and height 30 cm We ask you to measure the leg circumference yourself and to assume from the size information whether your horse will fit this Ice Vibe. Please note that the measurements were measured without Velcro.
Linda on 01/04/2017:

If the leggings sold here individually or is the one set for 184 €

The leggings are sold by set so two pieces.
Birdie on 06/09/2016:

How do you know which position you have when you switch on the vibrating panel? Does he return to stand 1 each time?

This always goes back to state 1 when you turn it on again.
Marina van Osch on 26/08/2016:

Is there a bag with this package?

There is indeed a bag included.
Alice on 18/06/2016:

The ice Vibe boots is that an old or new model?

This is the new model.
N on 31/05/2016:

I just ordered size xfull. Is that the right size for a kwpner?

If it has a bit thick legs, otherwise you could also take size Full.
Lindsay on 26/05/2016:

Can the boots be used both front and back?

That's right, these can be used with both the front and hind legs.
mildred on 14/04/2016:

is the action of the boat for an amount of 227, = a complete immediately usable set to be used for the front legs, or should the eea be bought here. Concretely: complete and immediately usable?

This is complete and immediately usable.
Louise on 12/02/2016:

If XL is for a large KWPN, is L suitable for a small horse / big pony?

True, I think that is going to fit.

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