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Up to 30% discount on Rugs

Up to 30% discount on Rugs


Are you looking for a saddle for your horse or pony? Agradi sells various saddles in all sizes. It is extremely important that a saddle fits well on your horse. An unsuitable saddle can cause pain on the back of the horse. That is why it is important to call in a knowledgeable saddle walker if you are going to try out a saddle. This can prevent a lot of discomfort.

Horse saddles can be divided into two types of materials: leather and plastic. Plastic saddles are lighter in weight and are often available with an interchangeable tree. An interchangeable saddle tree is easy for horses that sometimes change in physique, for example, young horses that are being run in. Synthetic saddles are easy to maintain and last a long time. You can clean them well with a damp cloth. Agradi has plastic saddles from Harry Horse and Rider Pro in dressage, jumping and versatility. We also sell treeless saddles from Kerbl and Pfiff.

In addition to saddles, Agradi also has an extensive range of saddle accessories. We sell, among other things, saddle pads of fur, saddle covers, and stirrups. If a saddle is not completely comfortable or if the horse is sensitive on the back, you can use a saddle. There are saddle pads of real and synthetic fur. Real fur is the most comfortable for the horse, it breathes and therefore ensures a great wearing comfort. There is also saddle fur for the saddle. These are especially for the riding comfort of the rider. This makes you sit comfortably in the saddle and you can ride comfortably during a long ride. For long outdoor rides, Agradi also has saddlebags in the range, such as this Scippis saddlebag.

With a horse saddle, stirrups and stirrup straps are indispensable. We have the traditional straight, silver colored stirrups. In addition, Agradi also has the Bow balance stirrups from Sprenger. These stirrups ensure an optimal leg position and let the foot easily slide out of the bracket in the event of a fall. You also see more and more plastic stirrups. These are available in different colors.

At Agradi you will find, among other things, pony saddles, plastic saddles and dressage saddles. When fitting a saddle, it is important that you know the tree size and the length of the saddle. The saddle pads may not be too long, so they can get over the last rib. This can cause pain in the horse. The saddle then rests on soft parts and no longer on a firm rib. The number of inches is also important for the rider himself. For small children, saddles of 14 or 15 inches usually fit. For example, this 15 inch synthetic pony saddle. These little saddles are great for Shetlanders. Adults often need a 17 inch or 18 inch saddle.