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Lunging is a common way of training in horses. During lunging you can gymnast a horse and give physical exercise. To lunge a horse you can use different auxiliary reins. At Agradi you will find different lunging equipment for your horse.

The lunging line is the main object to lunge a horse. There are two types of lunging lines, the single lunging line and the double lunging line. The most commonly used lunging article is the single lunging line. This is for sale in different colors and materials. When using a double lunging line you also need a lunge ring. You get the double lines through the lunge belt, making you connect to the horse's mouth. The advantage of the double lunge is that you can also make contact with the outside of the horse. In addition, the outside line runs behind the horse, causing the hindquarters to be activated.

Another way is to lunge with a chest. A hairdresser is a kind of halter with rings on the noseband. During lunging, the line works on the nose bone of the horse. The nasal bone is less sensitive than the mouth corners. By using the hood, the horse does not get pressure on the corners of the mouth. This makes a haircap useful for the lungs of young horses, who are not used to pressure in the mouth. Some horses have a tendency to walk outwards during lunging, with a cap- tome not being pulled into the horse's mouth.

The additional bracket is also often used during lunging. An additional bracket is easy to use and can be adjusted in length. During lunging, the additional bracket ensures that the horse can not raise his head. You can also make the side of the left or right shorter, so that the horse gets a position

The lunging whip is indispensable for lunging. This is not meant to hit the horse, but to drive it forward. At Agradi you will find lightweight lunging whips and whips that are extendable.

If you want to learn more about lunging, you can consult the Lammert Haanstra DVD. At Agradi, the book 'Correct Lung for Mourners' by Lammert Haanstra is for sale. On this DVD clear examples are given by Lammer Haanstra himself.