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Animal feed is indispensable for maintaining a cat, dog, horse, rodent, fish and actually for all animals. At Agradi we also sell animal feed for many types of animals so that your animal will never need to be without food. In the animal food category, we sell all types of food for different types of animals.

Animal feed is available for an enormous number of species that you often can't find what you need. It is important to choose food that suits your pet, for example, age and race. Because we consider the care of your animal very important. For more information about the health of your animals, we have animal health indicators, for example about cats, horses, dogs, and rabbits.

Different types of animal feed

Animal feed is available in many brands, species and for different animals. That is why Agradi has divided this category into feed for different animals.

For example, we have food and snacks for dogs. The food is divided into different life phases of the dog and special occasions. This is also done in the feed for cats. Furthermore, we have food, licks, and snacks for horses. Other animals that are covered are aquarium fish, pond fish, goats, rodents, turtles, and birds.

For more information about these different types of feed for the different types of animals, it is best to look in the corresponding category. There you can find all information about that feed. In the category Animal food, you will find our wide range of feed in all different brands. The best-known brands in this category are the feed types of the YourDog Dog Food and Royal Canin Pet Food brands. If you are looking for a specific brand, you can take a look at our Brand Shop where our entire range of brands can be seen.

Animal feed is indispensable and very important for the health of your animal, that is why it is also important that you provide good animal feed. In the webshop of, you will find all kinds of pet food for the animal you love. The Agradi sticker discount can be applied to a large number of articles in the animal feed category. For even more benefit you can check our Sale page where you can find all the products that are on sale or in the sale. Buy your food directly online at Goodbye, On!