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Horse bits are available in different types and materials, suitable for any purpose in equestrian sports and recreational riding. At Agradi, all types of bits can be bought, from snaffle to a curb bit. A bit is as horse friendly as the rider's hand, but the execution and material can also contribute to this. Agradi, for example, has rubberized with apple flavor in the assortment, these are bits with a gentle effect on the mouth. This ensures that the horse starts to chew more on the bit. This increases the contact between the rider and the horse bit.

For dressage riders, Agradi has different bits and dressage bars in the assortment. These horse bits are made of different materials such as aurigan, copper, and rust-free steel. In addition, Agradi has an extensive range of rubber horse bits. You also have plenty of choice of different sizes and versions such as single and double-broken horse bits.

Are you a fanatical driver? Agradi also supplies driving bits and rods for people. These men rods are available in different sizes and materials. We have men's rods with high and low tongue arches, which provide more tongue freedom. We also sell driving bits with different keyholes, these provide a different operation of the horse bit in the mouth.

At Agradi you will find horse bits in all sizes, from Shetlander bit to a bit for big draft horses. The width of a horse bit is measured between the rings. It is important that a horse bit has the right width if the bit is too narrow the mouth corners of the horse become irritated. To prevent irritation, you can use rubber bit rings.

If you need advice for the purchase of a horse bit, please contact our customer service. We offer you an extensive range of horse bits, cheap or in a more luxurious version. The most popular horse bits at Agradi are from the brands BR, Harry's Horse, Imperial Riding, Sprenger and Pfiff. Besides horse bits, we also have accessories such as colored bit rings and pelham straps.