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HKM Saddlepad Bologna Red

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Product description


  • Article number: 44371238
  • Brand: HKM

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241 reviews
  • Looks good (117)
  • Not too expensive (146)
  • Nice fit (91)
  • Nice color (106)
  • Very nice color (56)
  • No points for improvement (27)
  • Cover looks different in color from photo (15)

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Julia from Nieuwdorp zld on 18/01/2021

Yes, I recommend this product

nice cover

very nice cover, is smaller than it is, I have full but that is quite small. I now use the cover for lunging and this works great!

  • Velcro
  • Not too expensive
  • Looks good
  • Stays still
  • Nice color
  • The size of the cover is small
  • Color is less shiny in real life
  • Dekje looks different in color from photo

Zoë on 14/01/2021

Yes, I recommend this product

Definitely recommended!

Super nice cover! Remains well on my horse! The color deviates just a bit (Pertol) is more towards the blue side in real life but I like it better this way🙈

  • Not too expensive
  • Nice fit
  • Stays still
  • Remain silent
  • Cover looks different in color from photo

lieke from Daarle on 13/01/2021

Yes, I recommend this product

very nice

Very nice cover godiekaaliteit, the color only differs slightly

  • Different color than photo

Kimberly from Venlo on 09/01/2021

Yes, I recommend this product

Nice cover!

Very nice cover. Excellent quality. Looks like a slightly different shade of blue in real life, but also nice cover.

  • Nice color
  • Not too expensive
  • Nice fit
  • Stays still
  • Does not slide through Velcro
  • Dries quickly after driving
  • Dekje looks different in color from photo
  • Other color as a picture

Anonymous from Rotterdam on 08/01/2021

Yes, I recommend this product

Very good

Very good quality and a nice cover. Nice color.

  • Solid material
  • Color and appearance
  • Very nice color
  • Remains silent
  • Color
  • Good passform
  • Strong material
  • Looks nice and firm but also smooth
  • Not too expensive
  • Nice fit
  • Looks good
  • Nice color
  • Does not slip through the Velcro
  • Color as in the picture
  • Does not slide through Velcro
  • Good fit
  • Nice shape
  • Nice color
  • Looks nice and firm, but smooth
  • Not sweaty
  • Do not slip through the Velcro
  • Remains beautiful after washing
  • Color as the picture
  • Very soft
  • Good fit
  • Velcro
  • Looks nice and sturdy, but flexible
  • Velcro at girth straps
  • Color and appearance
  • Very sweet
  • Stay beautiful after washing
  • No points for improvement

Amandine from Les hogues on 04/01/2021

Yes, I recommend this product

HKM carpet

A case ! Beautiful blue carpet, ideal with the shock absorber I ordered with it. Size niquel !!

  • Color as in the picture
  • Stay still
  • Nice shape
  • Not too expensive

Question and Answer

Piniol on 09/08/2020:

What does size pd mean?

Size PD stands for PONY DRESSAGE. cordially
Annemiek on 06/05/2020:

Hi, I have a 17incl all purpose saddle. Which size would be best below this?

The size of a cover can not only be determined by the saddle size. It has to do with the construction of the horse / pony for which the cover is intended. For ponies, the Pony is recommended. Size Cob may be suitable for large ponies / small horses and horses generally have size Full.
Jolien reinhard on 07/01/2020:

Hello, I have a 1m45 pony. The saddle cover is size bangs but the flaps of the saddle come just below the saddle cover, this is 45 cm. But it will be fine in the length of the back, this is 62 cm. What size should I take in these covers? Mvg Jolien

In terms of size, I cannot advise you, but I can inform you about the dimensions of the covers. The dimensions of size cob are: 53 centimeters across the back and 42 centimeters from the withers down. And they are 56 by 48 centimeters in size. Perhaps you can use this to determine whether and which size would suit your saddle.
Angelina on 06/12/2019:

Hello what size do the versatile and versatile pony carpet?

The dimensions are for "versatile pony": 53 cm for the length of the back and 44 cm for the side length. The dimensions are for "versatile": 56 cm for the length of the back and 49 cm for the side length.
Nanou on 30/11/2019:

Dear, what would be the dimensions of pony versatility, and versatility full in cm? Regards.

Pony versatility is approximately 45 x 60 cm and versatility full is approximately 64 x 52 cm.
mEg on 23/10/2019:

What are the measurements of full vz and pony dressage

The Full vz has a back length of 57 cm and a width of 48 cm. The Pony DR has a back length of 51 cm and a width of 48 cm.
Genard Léna on 22/06/2019:

Bjr Quelless are the sizes in cm for the dressage and polivalent mat please? thank you in advance

For the dressage mat: The length of the back is: 58 cm and the length of the side: 55 cm. For Polyvalent carpet, the back length is: 56 cm and the side length is: 49 cm. cordially
Caitlin on 03/03/2019:

What size can I compare the size of dressage with?

This is comparable with size Full
Ellen on 13/02/2019:

What kind of material is the cover, cotton is my preference

- fast moisture absorption - machine washable at 30 degrees - suitable for dryers - close the velcro fasteners for washing - functional lining: 100% polyester - filling: 100% polyester - outer fabric: 100% polyester - easy to clean - loops with velcro - use of foam - anatomically adapted shape
lisa on 03/02/2019:

does the cover really look as bad as on the picture or is it because of the light?

The cover gleams less than on the photo. The photographs of the other colors give a better picture of the gloss.
Lynn on 31/01/2019:

There is simply versatility but which size is that?

The size of this saddle cover is size full.
Annemiek on 02/01/2019:

which size do I need for my D-pony with 17,5 inc saddle

A size Full would fit for a 17.5 inch saddle.
Annemiek on 02/01/2019:

I have a 17,5 inc saddle versatility fits dressage or do I have to take a pony dressage?

A full dressage cover also fits under a 17.5 inch versatility saddle.
Céline on 24/11/2018:

What is size PD for saddle cover?

PD stands for Pony Dressuur.
Levasseur on 05/11/2018:

Hello I have a question about your size what is the difference between the versatile and the PD?

PD is Pony Dressage
F. on 28/07/2018:

Hello, I had a question about the size of this cover. PD is pony dressage but does it also fit a D-pony / Cob? Thanks in advance!

From saddle size 17 inches we recommend size no PD (pony dressage) but dressage (comparable to size full) to order.
Maartje on 15/07/2018:

Is this a set or can you order a matching ear net here?

There is no matching ear net with this saddle cover. But there are many blue earrings that can still be used as a set for this cover
linda alberts on 03/02/2018:

are the girth and saddle loops with Velcro?

Yes, these are with Velcro.
Else Ringnalda on 24/06/2017:

Is the cotton cover?

This cover is made of 100% polyester.
Lauren on 25/05/2017:

hello, which size corresponds to full dressage? PD stands for "horse, dressage or pony dressage" and the regular dressage is this horse (ie full) or pony? Best regards,

Size 'dressage' is for horses (full) Size 'versatility' is for horses (full) Size 'PD' is pony dressage (pony) Size 'PVZ' is pony versatility (pony)
Lysa van der Jagt on 20/04/2017:

Hello, I had a question about the size of this cover. It does not state whether it is Full or so so how do I know which size I should have? Thanks in advance. Lysa van der Jagt.

You can choose from different sizes. PD = pony dressage. PVZ = pony versatile. The others are in size Full.
Ellen on 27/01/2017:

Good morning, For the order of the shabrak hkm bologna petrol I wonder what pd stands for? I want the dressage version for a horse. I would like to hear from you. Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Ellen

PD stands for Pony Dressuur. PVZ stands for pony Versatile. The choice 'dressage' or 'versatile' is for horses. Dressage is the right choice for this question.

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