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HKM Hoof Boot Black

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Product description


  • Article number: 44366474
  • Brand: HKM

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15 reviews
  • Easy to do (11)
  • Right fit (4)
  • Correct seat (1)
  • Too big / log, suitable for round hooves instead of oval (2)
  • Long delivery time if not in stock (1)

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mylenablues82 on 07/01/2022

Yes, I recommend this product

Good sturdy and beautiful hoof boots

Nice sturdy shoes. Good grip ok on wet surfaces. Easy to put on because of the large opening and lots of sturdy Velcro

  • Easy to do
  • Easy to do

Tamara on 26/11/2021

Yes, I recommend this product

Good fit

Bought for our haflinger, fit is very good and they are also easy to put on

  • Easy to do
  • Right fit

Sarah from Biesenthal on 14/10/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Great hoof boots for the terrain

Great hoof boots with an oval fit for warm-blooded animals, etc.

  • Easy to do
  • Correct seat

Anonymous from Sint-niklaas on 22/09/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

very user friendly

Nice shoe and easy to put on with the velcro strap

  • Easy to do
  • Right fit

Julia from Pulsnitz on 22/10/2019

Yes, I recommend this product

Everything great

Everything great. The shoe has a good fit.

Anouk from Handel on 01/05/2019

Yes, I recommend this product

Super user friendly

We have ordered this shoe for one of our horses with a hoof ulcer. Luckily he was at home the day after ordering. A good wet pull in the shoe and that replaced every day for 3 days and he ran great again! The shoe is super easy to put on and take off and easy to clean!

  • Easy to do
  • Right fit
  • Maybe some more pictures on the site also of the sole

Question and Answer

Debora on 29/03/2020:

Good day. If you order a shoe, is it per set or per piece? And are these also suitable for outdoor riding? And what closure is on the hoof shoe? Miss an idea to give some more information and explanation to the article mvg debora

The hoof shoe is supplied per piece. There is a simple Velcro closure on the side of the shoe.
Kathrin on 11/05/2019:

Single or pair

This hoofshoe is sent individually
lorraine jackson on 23/01/2019:

what to order 1 pair of these .but is not clear what size l need.l can see you have 9 sizes but cant see what the mm beside

The sizes are: 0: width 98-104mm and length 104-109mm 1: width 105-109mm and length 110-114mm 2: width 110-114mm and length 110-119mm 3: width 115-119mm and length 120-124mm 4: width 120-124mm and length 125-129mm 5: width 125-129mm and length 130-134mm 6: width 130-134mm and length 135-139mm 7: width 135-139mm and length 140-144mm 8: width 140-144mm and length 145-149mm 9: width 150-155mm and length 155-160mm
lilian pleunis on 21/09/2017:

from which point I have to measure for the hkm shoe

Size table HKM Hoof shoe 0 width: 98 - 104 mm, length: 104 - 109 mm 1 width: 105 - 109 mm, length: 110 - 114 mm 2 width: 110 - 114 mm, length: 115 - 119 mm 3 width: 115- 119 mm, length: 120-124 mm 4 width: 120-124 mm, length: 125-129 mm 5 width: 125-129 mm, length: 130-134 mm 6 width: 130-134 mm, length: 135-139 mm 7 width 135 - 139 mm, length: 140 - 144 mm 8 width 140 - 144 mm, length 145 - 149 mm 9 width 145 - 149 mm, length 150 - 154 mm 10 width 150 - 155 mm, length 155 - 160 mm
louise on 20/05/2017:

best, are these shoes available per pair or per piece? Best regards

This product is sold individually.
George Hiemstra on 27/03/2017:

Hoof shoe sizes from 0 to 10 but I miss the corresponding lengths: / widths. Are they running a lot because of use, how tight do you have to buy them; too wide than chance of losing? Gr.

Below you can see the size chart. The fit must be good, it is not necessary to buy a size larger. With a good fit the horse can not lose the shoes. Size - width (mm) - Length (mm) 0 98-104 mm 104-109 mm 1 105-109 mm 110-114 mm 2 110-114 mm 115-119 mm 3 115-119 mm 120-124 mm 4 120- 124 mm 125-129 mm 5 125-129 mm 130-134 mm 6 130-134 mm 135-139 mm 7 135-139 mm 140-144 mm 8 140-144 mm 145-149 mm 9 145-149 mm 150-154 mm 10 150-155 mm 155-160 mm

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