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Harrys Horse Grazing Muzzle Air

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Product description


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106 reviews
  • Nostrils free (87)
  • Solid material (45)
  • Adjustable anywhere (44)
  • Light in weight (36)
  • Comfortable (45)
  • Give wounds to chin (13)
  • Gives light scuff marks on the nose after a few weeks (11)

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Amelie on 15/01/2022

Yes, I recommend this product

This basket meets my expectations, perhaps a little too rigid and closed

  • Adjustable everywhere

Lisa-Marie on 10/01/2022

Yes, I recommend this product

Very good product

We recommend! Can be adjusted well and does not slip.

  • Good fit
  • Low weight
  • Adjustable anywhere
  • Nostrils free
  • Comfortable

Cynthia on 18/11/2021

Yes, I recommend this product

Nice product

Good for your horse because of the large nostrils. Very nice especially in the summer. Others pass through breath quickly, these don't sweat

  • Nostrils free

Anonymous on 10/11/2021

Yes, I recommend this product

Very good article

I could not afford to buy a more expensive basket, immediately, for my mare, and this one does its job very well. It took several minutes for my mare to figure out how it works, but we don't stop her now. I can put it in the meadow more serenely, and suddenly avoid yet another colic of force-feeding.

  • Adjustable everywhere
  • Nostrils free
  • Does not smell of rubber
  • Gives rub marks on the head

Inge from Rietmolen on 22/10/2021

Yes, I recommend this product

Does what to do

Unfortunately, the horse needs a mask to be able to go out on the meadow. This mask fits him well. However it is quite close. It does have 2 nostrils but the rest is quite dense. Of course, it's also difficult to find a sturdy grazing pad that is sturdy and not so dense. Unfortunately, the mask can't withstand the mess of the meadow buddies for long. However, the mask can't do anything about that. I always buy them with a discount, but that has more to do with the demolition behavior of his friends.

  • Nostrils free

Jaqueline from Kevelear on 19/10/2021

Yes, I recommend this product

Very user friendly

Have been using this for years. I am very happy with it

  • Good fit
  • Nostrils free
  • Adjustable anywhere
  • Low weight
  • Comfortable
  • Does not smell of rubber
  • Free nostrils
  • Adjustable everywhere
  • Great product

Question and Answer

Lilian on 07/04/2021:

How big is the circumference of size S?

The nose circumference of the grazing mask size S is 43cm.
Lotte on 11/07/2020:

What size do I need for a 1m42 fjord

The size needed depends on the size of the horse's head. Size M is equal to size Cob and the circumference of the hive is 56 cm and the depth is 16 cm. Size L is equal to size Full and has a basket circumference of 65 cm and a depth of 17 cm.
Joan on 25/06/2020:

My horses can't eat at all, how long do they have to get used to?

That is quite difficult to indicate because it depends on the horse. One realizes it immediately and the other really needs time. It is best to practice with the mask if the horse has already eaten something. For example, the horse has less irritation if it does not immediately succeed because the greatest hunger has already been satisfied, but it still has enough motivation to investigate how there is more to eat. It is also useful to look at the length of your grass when exercising. Both very high grass and very short grass is difficult for 'advanced' people to eat with a mask.
Alice on 23/06/2020:

Hello, for a 90cm shetland which size would be best suited? Thank you

For a 90 cm shetland at the withers, it will probably be the most suitable size XS. cordially
Stephanie on 21/06/2020:

How do the s and m. Which size halter pony?

The sizes are normal. Size S is comparable to Pony. Size XS corresponds to size Shetlander. Size M corresponds to size Cob. Size L corresponds to size Full. Size XL corresponds to size XFull.
Juliette Vanbel on 09/06/2020:

Hello, what size to choose for a horse of 1m65?

For a 1m65 horse at the withers, in most cases, I will probably advise you to start on size L. Best regards
Beck on 14/05/2020:

What are the dimensions of the hole to graze with?

The hole for grazing has a size of 3 x 5 cm.
Lindsay on 13/05/2020:

I have a 1.57 horse and thought her nose is 53cm which should I take?

In most cases it is the right size for a horse of 1m57 size L. With best regards
Fanny on 27/04/2020:

Hello, I would like to know what size of basket should I take for a pottock measuring 1m25? cordially

In most cases, it will probably be the size S which is best suited for a 1m25 horse at the withers. cordially
Carcenat on 25/04/2020:

: 4: Hi, what size to take for a welsh of 1m20 please?

In most cases, it will probably be the size S which is best suited for a welsh of 1.20m at the withers. cordially
OLIVIER on 25/10/2019:

Hello, I have a small Arab mare of 1.48 at the withers, which size should I take? thank you for your reply.

In most cases, for a horse from 1m48 to the withers, it is the size M that fits best. cordially
Renalda on 31/08/2019:

What size should I take for a frieze?

The size required depends on the size of the horse's head. Size M has a circumference of 56 cm and a depth of 16 cm. Size L has a circumference of 65 cm and a depth of 17 cm. Size XL has a basket size of 70 cm and a depth of 17 cm.
Lydia on 15/05/2019:

What is the circumference of the size L and the XL?

Size circumference basket depth basket XS 43 cm 11 cm S 50 cm 12 cm M 56 cm 16 cm L 65 cm 17 cm XL 70 cm 17 cm
Hjordis on 01/05/2019:

Would like to know the depth and circumference of the basket of the size s

The size S is 11.5 cm deep and has a circumference of approximately 52 cm.
Gwen de Witte on 07/04/2019:

Dear, I would like to order the grazing mask Harry's Horse Grazing Muzzle Air, just don't know which size to take. My pony has halter size cob. Thanks in advance, Kind regards, Gwen de Witte

For size cob we recommend to try size 'M'.

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