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Finecto Vermicide Horse 600gr

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  • Brand: Finecto
  • Size: 600gr
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Finecto Vermicide Horse 600gr product description

Makes animals less attractive for flies, mosquitoes, mites and horse flies. Very suitable for treating animals preventively.

Finecto + Horse is a 100% natural supplemental animal feed based on aromatic substances for horses and ponies. Contains no poison or other chemicals. Finecto + Horse can easily be supplied over daily food and is well absorbed.

Finecto + Horse ensures that the animals become unattractive to insects and ectoparasites. Where treatment with external ointments etc. works less well with sweaty horses, because the effectiveness is diluted by sweat, the effect of Finecto + Horse increases. More repelling odor for the insects is excreted through sweat.

600 grams is sufficient for 50 days for horses heavier than 400 kg, or 100 days for horses up to 400 kg.

Dosage (Preventive)
Horses> 400 kg: 2 scoops per day
Ponies <400 kg: 1 scoop per day

Storage advice
Store dry, cool and dark in a closed container.

Finecto Vermicide Horse 600gr reviews

   48 reviews
98% would buy this product again.
  • Less itching (28)
  • Less stomping (25)
  • Less flaky skin (18)
  • Much less flies on and around the horse (11)
  • Despite strong smell, the pony eats the powder mixed with chunks and lettuce oil (against blowing away powder) (11)
  • At the price and with cure quickly (23)
  • Is expensive, like to lower the price (16)
  • Too small pot for the whole summer (13)
  • Horse needs to get used to taste (10)
  • Strong smell (9)

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from Hilversum at :

Smells good

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Much less flies on and around the horse, less itching, much less flying in and around the horse, Less stomping

Cons: is expensive, like to lower the price, At the price and with cure quickly

My horse likes it with a little alfalfa and an apple.

from Maasmechelen at :

and it also smells delicious

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: less itching, easy in use, Less stomping

Cons: Too small pot for the whole summer

Our horses enjoyed it. Bit over the kibble or a carrot and it was so gone! our pony has not suffered from itching anymore

from Wemeldinge at :

Used against summer eczema

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: less itching, Less stomping, Less flaky skin

Cons: is expensive, like to lower the price, Too small pot for the whole summer

My mare clearly benefits if she gets a scoop of finecto every day. She bites herself less openly but still needs a blanket against her eczema. Start it early in the spring. She is very picky but has never had any trouble with the taste.

from Zuid-beijerland at :

Good stuff

Yes, I recommend this product
Is nice stuff, because the flies stay away. Does not mix well in the chunks so it is not eaten well.

from Waalwijk at :


Yes, I recommend this product
It took a while before they (2 Belgian draft horses) ate it. But in a little soaked Metazoa lump, things are going well now.
Question and Answer

Joke holleman op 22-04-2019:

Question: How long I have to keep giving finectro hurdle started in October, now 2 scoops per day for my big 182 high horse

Answer: This medicine has no end time for permanent support.

A. K op 28-02-2017:

Question: I would like to know if this is also useful for pregnant and nursing mares.

Answer: Finecto + Horse is completely natural and therefore not harmful to the mare or the foal.

C.M Hamel op 12-01-2017:

Question: I would like to know what active ingredients there are in Finecto horse, I can not find this anywhere.

Answer: This product contains calcium carbonate, sodium and aromatic substances. The composition is Crude protein: 11.7%, Total fat 4.4%, Crude fiber 5.1%, Crude ash 28.9%, Natrum (Na): 463mg / Kg, Lysine: 5.67gr / Kg, Methionine 1,43gr / Kg.

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