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Excellent Colstart Plus

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Product description

The colostrum powder for newborn, weak or motherless lambs and/or multiple births. Can be used both to enrich colostrum of insufficient quality or quantity, or as replacement colostrum for newborn animals.
Colstart Plus
The stabilised, spray-dried colostrum powder based on 100% natural bovine colostrum. With all the original ingredients, not defatted and therefore packed with energy! Also contains extra added vitamins and trace elements. Heating has made the colostrum free of germs. Dissolves perfectly and is super palatable, which promotes absorption. In short, Colstart Plus for the best possible start for every lamb.
The first milk, also called colostrum, must be of very high quality and contain all nutrients to give the newborn lamb the best start possible.
What is meant by this?
Contains ample antibodies (IgGs) to support immunity building. At least 50 grams of IgG per litre (Brix value of at least 22).
In addition, colostrum naturally contains colostrum fat, which is the main source of energy for the newborn lamb. This is because newborn lambs cannot yet regulate their own temperature properly. The lamb's energy depends largely on this colostrum fat. It contains specific fats which the lamb can convert into heat. The presence of this colostrum fat is therefore essential for the lamb.
Finally, colostrum fat contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Colostrum also contains other important nutrients, such as lactoferrin, a protein that stimulates intestinal development and resistance.
Benefits of Colstart Plus
Compared to other products not based on complete colostrum at a glance:
colostrum productsColstart PlusBased on complete colostrum❌✅Contains antibodies (IgGs)✅✅Contains colostrum fat and stimulates thermoregulation❌✅Contains lactoferrin and stimulates gut development❌✅Contains all natural bioactive components for lamb development❌✅Does not contain whey and egg powder (IgY) as filler material❌✅

Colstart Plus is the choice of professionals for a reason!

Feed instructions

Supplementary: Dissolve 25-50 grams (1-2 sachets) in 50-100 ml of lukewarm water (45°C). Stir or shake until a homogeneous solution is obtained. Administer as quickly as possible after birth, but in any case within 6 hours.

Replacement: Based on the birth weight of the lamb. See label.
Remark: Do not heat in the microwave.


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6 reviews
  • Smells good (2)
  • I expected cheaper prices in bulk packaging (1)

Willem from Westbroek on 01/04/2017

Yes, I recommend this product

Just good

It is the stuff that is otherwise in bags, but now in larger packaging. Little cheaper than in small bags. If you do not need much in a season, it will take years to follow.

  • I expected cheaper prices in bulk packaging

Dirk from Bennekom on 07/03/2017

Yes, I recommend this product

excellent colostrum replacement

Resolves well, lambs drink well. Am very satisfied with this product.

  • No

Nellie from Aarlanderveen on 16/02/2017

Yes, I recommend this product

very user friendly

Use it easily for years. For each sheep 3 or sheep who have too little colostrum themselves.

  • Smells good

Marian on 25/09/2015

Yes, I recommend this product

Wiljos from Strijensas on 20/04/2015

Yes, I recommend this product

Super good colostrum, make ready, the lambs and calves do well.

  • Smells good
  • No

Harrie on 03/02/2015

Yes, I recommend this product