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Bucas Therapy 0g Navy

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Product description


  • Article number: 44306140
  • Brand: Bucas

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98 reviews
  • Smoother horse (49)
  • Relaxer horse (49)
  • Fine closures (35)
  • Very nice blanket (46)
  • More bending in the horse (17)
  • Very pricey (20)
  • Price (13)

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Anonymous from Blankenfelde-mahlow on 20/09/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Horse relaxes and enjoys

My trotter often has blockages in the loin. The blanket lets him relax and he chews and falls asleep. It is obvious that he is enjoying therapy and doing him good. I cannot yet write an evaluation of long-term therapy because the period of a few weeks is still too short. Therefore, I cannot say whether there is any permanent improvement in his minor complaints. I hope so.

Isabel from Neuenkirchen on 18/09/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Cut quite small

I am very convinced of the blanket and have reordered it for our pony. While it sits perfectly on our large horse at 145 cm, I had to send the one back for the pony and order one size larger. It was cut too tight at the front and was more suitable for petite ponies.

  • Processing
  • Really a fine blanket
  • Close to the shoulder with wide horses

Olivia from Alkmaar on 04/09/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

A fantastic blanket!

Bought this blanket without having any real expectations. But all positive aspects are true! My horse has become so much smoother throughout his body because of this blanket. I can really recommend the Bucas recuptex therapy blanket to everyone.

  • More bending in the horse
  • Nice quality
  • Smoother horse
  • Relaxer horse
  • Fine closures
  • Very nice blanket
  • No negative

Jasmijn from Almelo on 26/08/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Super nice blanket, my mare weaves when she suffers from tension, and with this blanket on it is a lot less !!

  • Very nice blanket
  • Horse weaves less
  • Relaxer horse
  • Fine closures

Els from Gijzegem on 29/07/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

fits perfectly

the 175 fits my little quarter perfectly. you can see that she is a bit smoother with it :) when she is shedding EVERYTHING hangs in it

Laura from Monheim am rhein on 14/07/2020

Yes, I recommend this product

Quick help with tension and muscle warming

Use this blanket in cooler temperatures at least 30 minutes before the training session or when it has rained to warm up the muscles quickly. Super blanket and quick help!

Question and Answer

sonja träger on 16/06/2020:

what difference is there between Bucas Recuptex horse therapy blanket and Bucas Recuptex og except the price thank you

The only difference is the thickness of the blanket. The light version is therefore better suited for summer:
Maaike on 01/05/2020:

Which Breast Extender fits this blanket?

The Bucas Chest Extender T-bar Magnetic.
Julie Van den Brande on 29/02/2020:

Is this blanket waterproof?

This blanket is not waterproof.
Annika on 01/02/2020:

Can I wash the blanket in the washing machine at 30 degrees?

The information on the blanket label and on the Bucas package insert read: This blanket is for machine washing at max. 40 degrees Celsius suitable. Please do not use fabric softener. Please only use the "Bucas Blanket Wash" from Bucas, which is specially made for Bucas blankets. Please let the blanket air dry, the product is not suitable for the dryer. Please do not dry clean.
Lisanne Hoftijzer on 11/11/2019:

Can this blanket also be used as a stable blanket / under blanket? I want to use this blanket for 24/7 use. At night as a stable blanket, during the day as a blanket for my rain blanket.

That is possible, but it is recommended to build and monitor the use of this blanket. Bear in mind that the horse can sweat due to the warmth of the Recuptex blanket.
Emmeline Van Rijswijck on 14/04/2019:

Does the operation of the blanket remain as good after washing?

The effect of the blanket does not diminish after washing.
Jessica on 25/03/2019:

I normally have size 110/160 from Bucas and Horseware for my pony, This is top (not too big, not too small) Which size is best for me with this blanket

The Bucas sizes all fall exactly the same. So it's best to keep the same size for this blanket. If in doubt, it is best to measure your horse to come to the right size. Here you can find more information and a table about the sizes:
Lynn on 21/01/2019:

What are the differences between the regular Recuptex and the Light model? Can the regular Recuptex also be used in the summer / spring? I have read that the blanket is fairly narrow on the chest, is it better to take a size bigger?

The light model has mesh on the underside of the blanket while the ordinary is made of fabric. Both blankets can always be used, but the air flow is better with the light. The blanket is closed high, but it is not advisable to take a larger size because the blanket will then pull backwards and lie down.
Renate on 02/01/2019:

Hello, what is the difference between this version of the therapy blanket and the Recuptex Therapy light? m Fri gr

The Light version is ideal during the warmer months of the year. This is lightweight and breathable.
Sanne leone on 19/12/2018:

does the blanket have tail flap or not? want to use m for transport and so I would like to have the tail-protected effect of the tail flap

This blanket has no tail flap.
Gwennefevre on 11/12/2018:

The specifications indicate that there is a linersystem, on the pictures this is not entirely visible. That's why I wondered if it's the linersystem where you can fasten liners under this blanket by means of Velcro

This blanket can be used instead of a liner. The blanket reflects magnetic fields in the horse's body, which is reduced if it is not directly on the horse. The Bucas Recuptex can be attached to a blanket that has fastening rings at the shoulder, so the blanket will stay better if the horse has this long on.
Jana on 27/11/2018:

Can I get clarification about the sizes?

You can find everything about the sizes of blankets here:
Birgit on 24/10/2018:

Ask for info if the blanket backs 110 or 145 has, both is? Thanks a lot!

Please refer to the first size, this stands for the back length. The second number refers to the descender. 110/145 thus corresponds to 110cm back and 145 cm lower length.
Agnes on 10/10/2018:

Does the blanket also have an effect if the horse has the blanket 24/7?

The blanket reflected magnetic fields in the horse's body. That does not change if the horse would have the blanket. However, it is recommended to slowly build up the blanket.
M.s. on 16/01/2018:

Is the blanket waterproof?

No, this blanket is not waterproof.
R de Wert on 15/01/2018:

Is this blanket to wash out.

Yes, clean the blanket before washing. So that as much as possible the loose dirt is removed from the blanket. This product may be washed by hand or in the washing machine open a temperature of up to 30 degrees at low speed for centrifugation. Normal laundry detergents for household use and fabric softener can cause an allergic reaction to your horse.
Nathalie de bock on 25/10/2016:

Can this blanket also in the winter

That is possible, but this blanket is the magnetic effect the most specific feature of this blanket. It is a blanket without filling.

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