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Bucas Smartex Rain Blue

  • Article number: A1010978
  • Brand: Bucas
  • Colour: Blue
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Bucas Smartex Rain Blue product description

The Bucas Smartex Rain (Turnout Light) is a 0g outdoor rug from the top segment of Bucas. The blanket keeps your horse at a comfortable temperature at an outdoor temperature between -0 ° to + 14 °. The blanket is made of the strongest, waterproof ballistic nylon. The filling of the Bucas Smartex Extra Turnout is thermo-bonded, ie the filling is integral with the Stay-Dry lining and not like most blankets are locally stitched to the lining. This lightweight blanket makes the laying and changing of several blankets totally unnecessary and your horse enjoys optimal comfort and freedom of movement throughout the winter. The Bucas Smartex Extra Turnout has an extra soft filling on the chest, shoulder pleats and a smooth nylon lining that provides extra comfort and reduces friction. The blanket has a click 'n go front closure with an overlapping Velcro breast section for optimal protection, elastic leg girths and handy Velcro features to attach a Combi-Neck neck piece if desired. In addition, this blanket has a tail flap, and elastic belt straps.

The special filling ensures that the blanket is equally warm over the entire surface and that after many washes it is just as thick and warm everywhere. The unique Stay-Dry lining works like a sweat blanket. The lining transports moisture immediately outside so that the blanket always feels dry and comfortable even if you put the blanket on a wet horse. The intelligent system in the lining fabric ensures that the lining, which is in direct contact with the horse's skin, stays dry and the moisture is transported to the outer layers of the blanket.

Specifi cations:

  • Filling: 0
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Outer fabric: nylon
  • Inner lining: stay-dry fleece
  • Chest closure: click 'n go closure with velcro overlap
  • Belly closure: cross surcingles
  • Rear closure: belts
  • Neck piece: available separately
  • Liner system: yes
  • Leg cutouts: yes
  • Tail flap: yes
  • Fit: standard
  • Available colors: Blue, Chocolate and Black
  • Size table (top length / bottom length):
    • 115 = 115/152
    • 120 = 120/160
    • 125 = 125/168
    • 130 = 130/175
    • 135 = 135/183
    • 140 = 140/191
    • 145 = 145/198
    • 155 = 155/206
    • 165 = 165/213
    • 170 = 170/220

Bucas Smartex Rain Blue reviews

   212 reviews
96% would buy this product again.
  • Let moisture out, not inside (37)
  • Fine closure first (37)
  • Outside material very strong (difficult to get cracks) (27)
  • High water-tightness and blanket is very dirt-repellent. warm enough with cold days (22)
  • Nice color (24)
  • Expensive (8)
  • No soft / protective part at the height of the withers (12)
  • Unfortunately a high price (9)
  • Blanket pulls a little crooked. still pretty heavy blanket (5)
  • Price (7)

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from Wittingen at :

Has convinced me!

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Good fit, nice strong closures, long sides, good size and top quality, Fit, freedom of movement, double function - sweat and stable blanket, Fine closure in front, Dual function of sweat and rain carpet, nice color, high water resistance and ceiling is very dirt. warm enough cold days, Outer material very strong (difficult to crack)

Great blanket, is great and functional! Will buy for the winter and the thicker version, since my horse chats after long it is the best covering!

from Usingen at :

Super rain cover with good sweat function

Yes, I recommend this product
Very good quality. Windproof, even in heavy rain without shelter 100% waterproof. Above 5 ° C it is too warm for my mare. That's why I use them at + 5 ° C to -5 ° C which covers most nights in spring, autumn and sometimes even in winter. The sweat function is excellent - the blanket can easily be put on a wet horse. The fit is very good, but unfortunately slip with my mare all ceilings - so this a bit - down one side down. Nevertheless, the blanket is best yet and does not cause any chafing! For my 1.52cm and strong Berber mare, the 140 fits perfectly.

from Wageningen at :

Nice blanket with good fit - keep in mind the warmth

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Good fit and size. Fine closures, outside material very strong (difficult to get cracks), fine closure first, quality / price ratio good

Cons: Blanket sucks in with lots of rain and dries very slowly

Great blanket that fits well for the slightly wider and rounder horses. The fleece layer keeps the blanket nicely in place and the leg straps are ideal. The only disadvantage of the stay-dry fleece principle is that your horse must be warm to stay dry. My horse has trouble with that under this blanket because it is lightly padded. The thicker version is too hot for many weather types. The result is that the blanket sucks in with water and becomes extremely heavy. He does not leak, but he is no longer comfortable.

from Beerse at :

Super blanket

Yes, I recommend this product
For me this is the blanket. I have had several and both 195 and 205 and none fit well on her. Broken quickly, hung crooked, gave up sanding spots, you name it. This first tested by a friend and fit perfectly in 198. THE blanket for my horse! Super quality and is perfect for now that the weather goes from hot to cold and vice versa! Big fan

from Beugen at :

Super quality

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: quality / price ratio good, fine closure first, let moisture out, not inside, double function of sweat and rain blanket, outside material very strong (difficult to get cracks), good location, high water-tightness and blanket is very dirt-repellent. warm enough with cold days, fit, freedom of movement

strong blanket, fine closures, waterproof, warm and yet light, stays good, fit over the back could have been a little better, is very straight. But it is the best winter blanket I have ever had. If he has walked in the rain for a very long time, he lets moisture through the chest and bottom, but then it must have rained really long and hard.
Question and Answer

Anni op 13-03-2018:

Question: The size description is a bit misleading I need a blanket in 145! Which must I take then 110/145 or 145/198

Answer: With back length 145cm you need the blanket in size 145/198

Lippert Katja op 07-02-2018:

Question: I'm interested in the Bucas Smartex Rain. Does that have a fleece inside. What's the name of the code 40 S. What does the blanket cost me? How do I measure correctly? Many Thanks!

Answer: It is a Stay-Dry lining that resembles a fleece lining. You choose the correct blanket size for your horse, if you measure the back length of the animal, or the descender. The sizes are given in back length cm / inset cm. You get the blanket for the price, which is indicated in green letters, so currently with 40% off the regular price.

Michelle op 27-10-2017:

Question: Is this (black) smartex rain with the Clickn Go system and the webbing on the inside of the blanket (like the steered photo of olav) instead of the closure of the webbing on the outside of the blanket?

Answer: The abdominal girths are on the inside of the blanket.

margreet op 12-09-2017:

Question: how do I know the size again? I have previously ordered a smartex but do not find it in my past.

Answer: Through this link you can find how best to measure your horse for a blanket. https://www.agradi.nl/maattabel-paardendekens/

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