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Bucas Power Turnrnout High Neck Light Silver

  • Article number: A1087521
  • Brand: Bucas
  • Colour: Silver
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Bucas Power Turnrnout High Neck Light Silver product description

The Bucas Power Turnout Light High Neck is made of the strongest, waterproof ballistic nylon with a special heat-reflecting aluminum coating and a silver exterior, to protect your horse against the harsh weather conditions. Thanks to this technology, the heat can be kept inside or reflected outwards if desired, so that the time that your horse can wear this blanket becomes longer - this intelligent system ensures that your horse has the perfect temperature at an outdoor temperature of -10 ° to + 16 °. This lightweight blanket makes the laying and changing of multiple blankets totally unnecessary and your horse will enjoy optimum comfort and freedom of movement all winter long.

The filling of the Bucas Power Turnout Extra is thermo-bonded, ie the filling forms a whole with the Stay-Dry. lining and not like most blankets locally stitched to the lining. This special filling ensures that the blanket is equally warm over the entire surface and that it is just as thick and warm everywhere after many washes. The unique Stay-Dry lining works like a sweat blanket. The lining immediately transports moisture out so that the blanket always feels dry and comfortable even when you place it on a wet horse. The intelligent system in the lining material ensures that the lining, which is in direct contact with the skin of the horse, remains dry and the moisture is transported to the outer layers of the blanket. The Bucas Power Turnout lining also has an antibacterial effect to protect the skin and keep the blanket fresh even during continuous use. Extra soft padding on the chest and a smooth nylon lining ensure extra comfort and reduce friction.

The blanket is equipped with both practical and safe items such as, elastic buttocks, adjustable cross surcingles, reflective strips on the front and back and the unique, one-hand-click, click 'n go front closure. In addition, this blanket has a high neck.

Specifi cations:

  • Filling: 0
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Outer fabric: nylon
  • Inner lining: stay-dry fleece
  • Chest closure: click 'n go with Velcro overlap
  • Belly closure: cross surcingles
  • Back closure: buttocks
  • Neck: high neck
  • Liner system: no
  • Leg recesses: yes
  • Tail flap: yes
  • Fit: high neck
  • Available colors: Silver
  • Size table (top length / bottom length):
    • 115 = 115/152
    • 120 = 120/160
    • 125 = 125/168
    • 130 = 130/175
    • 135 = 135/183
    • 140 = 140/191
    • 145 = 145/198
    • 155 = 155/206
    • 165 = 165/213

Bucas Power Turnrnout High Neck Light Silver reviews

   28 reviews
97% would buy this product again.
  • Solid quality (19)
  • Do not change any blankets (11)
  • Good fit (13)
  • Easy closures (10)
  • Good temperature and moisture regulating (8)
  • Dirt quickly visible through color (7)
  • Pricey (6)
  • Neck space can not vary (5)
  • Dirty quickly visible through color (1)
  • Quickly no longer waterproof (1)

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from Rotterdam at :

Nice blanket

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: solid quality, easy closures, good temperature and moisture regulating, indestructible

Cons: neck space can not vary, pricey

This blanket used for 1 year, works perfectly, only the fit was not for our pony. Too long, came to his knees and far over his tail, while the chest was tight / just right and could not have been smaller. Connects nicely high on the neck / chest and the high neck ensures that that edge is not hanging on the withers. Furthermore, the blanket does exactly what it promises. Hard-wearing, wind and waterproof, can be done on a wet / sweaty horse.

from Pellenberg at :


Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Indestructible, Going for years, good fit, Solid quality

Cons: Dirt quickly visible through color

Horse is in the meadow 24/7, blanket will last for years. Quickly looks very dirty.

from Alkmaar at :

Super blanket

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: easy closures, Solid quality, good fit, do not change any blankets, good temperature and moisture regulating

Cons: There may be confirmation options for the Quilt under blanket. This is only possible at the rear

It is super nice blanket. Feels very solid, nice good quality fabric. I bought size 125/168 for my shaved icelandic, with high neck. I also bought the Quilt (150-gram stock blanket. Very happy with it.

from Noordwijk zh at :

Is tight

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Solid quality, indestructible, will last for years

Cons: At the withers or the material changed or the fit, too little neck area, too little neck space, neck space can not vary

Runs tight at the withers and has a hard edge through which horse quickly gets irritation. Furthermore, a very solid blanket of strength waterproof material

from Spijkenisse at :

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: good temperature and moisture regulating, will last for years, indestructible, good passform, good temperature and humidity control, no longer against exchange rate fluctuations, Solid quality, do not change any blankets, easy closures

Cons: Pricey, Dirt quickly visible through color

blanket just a little too big or in use! great blanket for me nothing more than bucas .. not too hot not to keep horse half shaved and above 0 nothing wrong under 0 we still have to experience!
Question and Answer

lisa op 04-10-2018:

Question: How much DENIR has this blanket?

Answer: There is no Denier information about this blanket as the blanket is made of Ballistic Nylon. This material therefore has 1680D

kirsten op 05-11-2016:

Question: Good afternoon I was wondering if you have a partially shaven horse (only fur on buttock neck and partly neck and legs) this blanket is still warm enough to stand in the barn and outside. Thanks in advance for the trouble I am very curious about the answer.

Answer: Usually this blanket is suitable at a temperature between -10 and +16 degrees. The comfort zone is different for each horse.

Dorien Punt op 24-04-2016:

Question: Does this "Bucas Power Turnout Highneck Light Silver" blanket consist of several blankets? (So ​​a rain blanket with an underblanket?) Is it correct that this blanket is meant for the temp. -10 to + 16? and is this for a KWPNer with a big chest and neck? Neck loose?

Answer: This is 1 blanket without blankets. Thanks to the special stay-dry lining, moisture is drained well so that you do not have to apply a separate sweat blanket after your horse has worked. Bucas indicates that on average it is comfortable for a horse to carry between -10 and +16 degrees. About the fit is to say that a high neck gives more space to the neck of the horse to be able to lose. A model like this often works better for horses with a high withers. Whether this model is also nice for your horse can only be found by fitting the blanket on the horse in question.

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