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Bucas Power Turnout Extra Classic Silver

  • Article number: 44458582
  • Brand: Bucas
  • Colour: Silver
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Bucas Power Turnout Extra Classic Silver product description

The Bucas Power Turnout Extra classic is made of the strongest, waterproof ballistic nylon with a special heat reflective aluminum coating and a silver exterior, to protect your horse against the harshest weather conditions. With this technology, if required, the heat is kept inside or reflected outside so that the time that your horse can wear this blanket becomes even longer - this intelligent system ensures that your horse has the perfect temperature at an outside temperature of -25 ° to + 13 °. This lightweight blanket makes the laying and changing of several blankets totally unnecessary and your horse enjoys optimal comfort and freedom of movement throughout the winter.

The filling of the Bucas Power Turnout Extra is thermo-bonded ie the filling forms a whole with the Stay-Dry. lining and not like most blankets are stitched locally on the lining. This special filling ensures that the blanket is evenly warm over the entire surface and that it is just as thick and warm after many washes. The unique Stay-Dry lining works like a sweat blanket. The lining transports moisture immediately outside so that the blanket always feels dry and comfortable even if you put the blanket on a wet horse. The intelligent system in the lining fabric ensures that the lining, which is in direct contact with the horse's skin, stays dry and the moisture is transported to the outer layers of the blanket. The Bucas Power Turnout lining also has an antibacterial effect to protect the skin and keep the blanket fresh, even during continuous use. Extra soft padding on the chest, shoulder pleats and a smooth nylon lining provide extra comfort and reduce friction.

The blanket is equipped with both practical and safe items such as elastic elastic straps, adjustable cross surcingles, reflective strips on the front and back, the unique, with a hand to fix, click 'n go front closure and convenient Velcro features to a Combi-Neck if desired neck piece.

Specifi cations:

  • Filling: 300
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Outer fabric: nylon
  • Inner lining: stay-dry fleece
  • Chest closure: click 'n go with velcro overlap
  • Belly closure: cross surcingles
  • Rear closure: belts
  • Neck piece: available separately
  • Liner system: yes
  • Leg cutouts: yes
  • Tail flap: yes
  • Fit: standard
  • Available colors: Silver
  • Size table (top length / bottom length):
    • 115 = 115/152
    • 120 = 120/160
    • 125 = 125/168
    • 130 = 130/175
    • 135 = 135/183
    • 140 = 140/191
    • 145 = 145/198
    • 155 = 155/206
    • 165 = 165/213

Bucas Power Turnout Extra Classic Silver reviews

   58 reviews
94% would buy this product again.
  • Quick dry (12)
  • Can be used up to +16 degrees! do not change with blankets anymore (11)
  • Easy to do (14)
  • Completely waterproof (7)
  • No sweat blanket needed (11)
  • Blanket looks very dirty due to the light dust (4)
  • Blanket is very dirty due to the light dust (4)
  • On the lining, unfortunately, many hair hanging (3)
  • Too bad that there is no fur at scot for moons (3)
  • On the upholstery unfortunately, a lot of hair fixed (2)

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from Hazerswoude rijndijk at :

So happy with it !!

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: no more change of blanket, completely waterproof, can be used up to +16 degrees! no more exchange with blankets

A decent edition, but, now 5 years in use and still waterproof and wonderfully warm, with a wide use temperature. Also super nice that it has a stay-dry lining, if my horse is not completely dry once, I can just put on his jacket.

from Zaandijk at :

Very strong

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Quick dry, no sweat blanket needed, completely waterproof, extremely durable

Cons: blanket looks very dirty due to the light dust, scrapes moons, looks dirty quickly, too bad that there is no fur at scot for moons

Advantage, very strong! There is regularly another pitbull horse hanging in the teeth, but the blanket cannot be broken (beating ...) Disadvantage, within a month he was brown (the horse turns his own turd into a comfortable box spring mattress ..) and or he still reflects sunlight, and the horse does not sweat, I doubt it. At 16 degrees this blanket really does not go on anymore. Downside, no fur on the withers and therefore horse gets an ugly pick in the mane. Downside, 1 leg cord was broken quickly, that can be a coincidence.

from Oude niedorp at :

super nice blanket

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Easy to do, To use on a wet horse, completely waterproof, no more change of blanket, extremely durable, Quick dry, No sweat blanket needed, super fine fit, Can be used up to +16 degrees! Do not change with blankets anymore

Cons: blanket looks very dirty due to the light dust

I swear by this blanket. no more fuss with blanket change. neck available separately. perfect in cold weather but also at +10. horse never sweats underneath (only above 15 degrees) and she never gets cold. he falls a little big.

from Viersen at :

Great blanket

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: no sweat blanket needed, fast drying, to use on a wet horse

Cons: no

Great blanket, great fit, no constant coverage required!

from Purmerend at :

Fantastic blanket

Yes, I recommend this product

Cons: blanket looks very dirty due to the light dust

Very nice to use. Great fit. Would never want another blanket again. The blanket can not be washed properly, then the top layer leaves something loose. Bucas has a super service, so always dare to buy this expensive blanket.
Question and Answer

Sabine Koglgruber op 09-11-2017:

Question: What does the 183 mean at Deckenläge 135? It is stated 135/183 What does Classic mean? Is that the cut meant? How much filling does the ceiling have? Are the cross straps inside or out? LG Sabine

Answer: 135cm is the back length and 185cm is the lower length. Classic is a paraphrase for the section of the model. The ceiling has a 300 gr filling. The cross straps are outside.

Anna Dönges op 05-11-2016:

Question: Good evening, I have a question concerning your blanket: Does the blanket have a filling? And if so how many grams? Best regards

Answer: Yes, the extra line has a very thick filling, comparable to 400g

Anne op 06-10-2016:

Question: If the light color of the blanket is very dirty, the blanket will still retain its function: protects the horse from the harshest weather conditions. How can you quickly clean a very dirty blanket without having to wash the blanket completely?

Answer: The fabric should have the opportunity to reflect to keep sunlight out and heat in during colder days. When the reflection can do less work, you still have a breathable and usable blanket, but can get a bit warmer in the sun and keep (but still good) the warmth of the horse in the cold. Dirt is of course the best, but the blanket can be sprayed if necessary to wash away the worst dirt.

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