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Bucas Eczema Blanket Sweet-itch Zebra

  • Article number: 44112524
  • Brand: Bucas
  • Colour: Zebra
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Bucas Eczema Blanket Sweet-itch Zebra product description

Derived from the very successful Buzz-Off Zebra fly rug, Bucas has developed a new fabric with the same zebra stripes that provides protection against the Culicoides mosquito (midges). In horses with summer eczema, prevention is the key to success: make sure you are preoccupied with the problem, by getting your horse to blanket before the mosquito season begins.

The first of its kind, the Sweet Itch fly eczema blanket with zebra stripes prevents the horse from being stung by the small mosquitoes and repels the large, aggressive flies. It has been scientifically proven that the flies get confused by the zebra stripes and thus stay away from the horse.

The unique Sweet-Itch Zebra blanket is made from a specially developed fabric that stops even the smallest insects. Extra attention has been paid to the mane and tail sections to protect them well and to prevent itching. Bucas Sweet-Itch Zebra also offers UV protection and thus prevents sunburn and discolouration of the coat.

The design is a full 'body cover', with a neck piece up to the ears to fully protect the manes. An elastic, detachable belly flap protects the entire lower abdomen of the horse, from elbow to crotch. Shoulder pleats provide extra freedom of movement. A large tail flap covers this problematic area and prevents the small biting flies from reaching the tail. Bilcords keep the blanket in place and an overlapping, padded breast flap ensures that the blanket remains comfortable, no matter how long your horse wears the blanket.


  • Filling: 0
  • Waterproof: no
  • Outer fabric: polyester
  • Inner lining: polyester
  • Chest closure: snap-lock
  • Belly closure: elastic and detachable belly flap
  • Rear closure: leg strap
  • Neck piece: fixed
  • Liner system: no
  • Leg cutouts: yes, shoulder folds
  • Tail flap: yes
  • Fit: standard
  • Available colors: Zebra
  • Size table (top length / bottom length):

115 = 115/152

120 = 120/160

125 = 125/168

130 = 130/175

135 = 135/183

140 = 140/191

145 = 145/198

155 = 155/206

165 = 165/213

170 = 170/218

Bucas Eczema Blanket Sweet-itch Zebra reviews

   57 reviews
93% would buy this product again.
  • Solid fabric (44)
  • Covered much of the horse (22)
  • Good fit (28)
  • Large separate belly flap (20)
  • Sit well at the neck (9)
  • Tight on the chest (11)
  • The belly flap would have liked me even wider (14)
  • Cheap quality leg straps, chestpiece not adjustable (6)
  • It is difficult to click the bartacks with difficulty (6)
  • Matching mask to the blanket (5)

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from Kiel-windeweer at :

Nice compact eczema blanket

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: no sweat, stops flying, very tight

Cons: The belly flap would have liked me even wider, the neck stays bad all over the neck

Because I had been using the RSIH for years and still wanted to try something different, here is a comparison with the Bucas Sweet itch: This blanket is very suitable for hot weather, and is also slightly thinner than the RSIH (rambo Sweet itch hoody) . Only above 30 degrees did my horse sweat in it. The blanket is fairly small, a size 183 for an E-pony turned out to be fairly short. The neck portion and the tail flap should be longer. The elastic band as "browband" seems handy but does not get stuck due to the short neck of the blanket. The webbing system of the belly flap is super handy and quick to attach, but the belly flap itself would have liked a bit longer / less tight elastic. When I just had the blanket new, I wondered if such a tight belly flap was comfortable. The metal clips also provide sanding spots, but after a month there was nothing left to see. I have not noticed much of the watertight treatment so if you are looking for something against rain you better buy the special edition. The chest closure is more pleasant than that of the RSIH, stays nicer straight, and pulls back less tightly so that the chest is pinched. The blanket is much lighter than the RSIH and easier to put on. After two months small holes at the attachment of the tail flap, but no broken fasteners as was often the case with the RSIH also a! Wash the fabric much stronger. There must absolutely be a withers protector. After two months my horse had a wound on the withers, perhaps because the blanket is on the small side? I should have liked more with the withers and shoulders. Never had this problem with the RSIH. To sum up: the fit of the RSIH is better, but the fabric and attachment of the Bucas Sweet itch is better. Order from the Bucas a size larger with a breast protector. The summer eczema is under control with both blankets.

from Elim at :

Bucas blanket

Yes, I recommend this product
Super strong blanket very satisfied with the fit ..

from Venlo at :

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Solid fabric, good passform

Cons: It is difficult to click the bartacks with difficulty, Fastening clips very sensitive fast piece

Sturdy blanket. Only during the tropical days +28 degrees too hot. The fabric is stronger than the Rambo sweet itch. The leg cords and attachment of the belly flap are not as good as with the rambo. White stripes, of course, do not remain white. Nice blanket but not as nice as my rambo

from Westerlo at :

very good blanket

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: Good fit, Solid fabric, also beautiful

Very good fit for my horse. Easy to put on / off, among other things because of no stomach belts. The latter are better if your horse would suffer from eczema on the lower abdomen, which is not the case for this horse. I also like that this blanket is a bit thinner than the plain green sweet itches from Bucas, which is more pleasant when it is very warm.

from Mol at :

very user-friendly

Yes, I recommend this product

Pros: sits comfortably on the neck, Large separate belly flap, Solid fabric

Cons: matching mask to the blanket, the neck stays bad all over the neck, should be better adjusted in the neck at the head. Now too wide for a slender horse

too wide in the neck to the head. Should be able to adjust better, for example also to the ears
Question and Answer

Jinthe op 21-04-2019:

Question: Hey! I don't understand the sizes so well. My pony has a height of 137 cm. Which size do I need? Jinthe

Answer: The first size of the blanket indicates the back size of the horse, the second size indicates the bottom length of the horse. If you are not familiar with 1 of these sizes of your horse, you can look at the table, which is shown as the 2nd photo.

Sangeetha op 31-10-2016:

Question: Is there a mask with this blanket?

Answer: Yes there is and can be found here: https://www.agradi.nl/bucas-buzz-off-fly-mask-zebra-xxs.htm

githa saarberg op 31-07-2016:

Question: I always have the Bucas buzz off full neck for my horses. This is not very strong and gets bad badly with the sanding. I hardly do 1 year. Now this sweet itch seems to be of stronger material. Is this true? Is this blanket not too warm?

Answer: The eczema blanket is denser woven from fabric than the fly blanket and therefore somewhat stronger but also somewhat warmer. However, the blanket is not warmer than eczema covers from other brands.

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