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Ako Cavallo D22 0,17 Joule

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Product description


  • Article number: 0001254
  • Brand: Ako

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Ako Cavallo D22 0,17 Joule
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Question and Answer

Claudia on 04/08/2019:

Can this also be on 12V (car battery)?

No, this electric fence device is only suitable for 9 volt batteries, and not for the 12 volt batteries. Vries on 30/09/2018:

Is appliance applicable for poultry or small pet net? Vries

This device can also be used with small pets. The device should be used for short distances, with a light vegetation no more than 500m of power wire.
L on 11/04/2018:

What are the dimensions of the device?

The device is 22.5 cm in width, and 24.5 cm high exclusive handle. The height including handle is about 29 cm.
Ki on 23/08/2017:

How long does the battery last? And is this also suitable for keeping the cats / dogs in the garden?

Unfortunately, it is not known how long the battery will last. This depends on various factors and the amount of AH of the battery. The D22 is also suitable for dogs and cats. However, specifically for dogs and cats, we recommend the following article numbers: 0001370 and 0001365
Ren on 24/04/2016:

Hello agradi, Can the battery with a battery charger of motor / car just be charged thanks for your comment Mvgr Ren

This is about a battery device. A battery can not be charged.
Adrie Mels on 21/04/2016:

Is the Ako Cavallo D 22 part number: 0001254 supplied with a battery charger or does it have to be ordered separately? and if so what is the item number of the charger?

The ako cavallo D22 is a battery device. The battery must be purchased separately. There is only one connection cable.
Annemarie on 23/02/2016:

Are the connection cables already included with the D22 or do you have to purchase them separately? What is the biggest difference with the B140?

Only the battery needs to be purchased. The connection cables are already included.

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